How to Unlock Facility Hall in Guild in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Inside the Guild Hall, there’s an cat that wears black suit named Steward Cat – this cat is the NPC where you can unlock the Facility Hall for your Guild. The requirement for constructing the Facility Hall is 20 Emperiums from the guild stash. Only leaders and Vice Leaders of the guild can unlock the Facility Hall. 

Facility Hall has 4 different facilities:

  • Incredible Vending Machine
  • Black Cat Cafe
  • Bizarre Cat Litter Box
  • Magic Swing Machine

Incredible Vending Machine

In the Incredible Vending Machine, you can purchase some rare items and pay it using Silver Medal or the Honor Proof Gold. The item available on this shop can only be purchase once per day.

Rare items available on this shop are the following:

  • Peak Shard – 20 Silver Medal
  • Mithril Stone – Unlocks Lv.3
  • Peak Shard – Unlocks Lv.3
  • Midgard Helm [1] – Unlocks Lv.4
  • Enhancing Essence I – Unlocks Lv.4
  • Mithril Stone – Unlocks Lv.5
  • Midgard Google – Unlocks Lv.5
  • Enhancing Essence II – Unlocks Lv.6
  • Midgard Military Mask – Unlocks Lv.7
  • Enhancing Essence III – Unlocks Lv.8
  • Midgard Bag – Unlocks Lv.9
  • M.Def Fairy – Unlocks Lv.10

Guild Challenge

Unlocking the Facility Hall, also adds a new weekly Guild Challenge to the guild where your members can complete certain task and can claim rewards.

Guild Challenge available:

  • Challenge: Guild Instance Completed (More than 8 guild members complete any one Guild Instance.)
  • Challenge: MVP I (More than 8 guild members participate in killing 3 MVP monsters.)
  • Challenge: Unity I (More than 10 guild members log into the game)
  • Challenge: Unity II (More than 20 guild members log into the game)
  • Challenge: Unity III (More than 30 guild members log into the game)

In the challenge, the most easy one is the Unity. Where you can get rewards if 10 of your guild members log in to the game within the week. 

How to Unlock Facility Hall in Guild

Check your Guild Stash, if your guild already have 20 Emperium.

When your guild already have enough Emperiums, your leader/vice-leader can now starts talking to the NPC and start building the Facility Hall.

Upon starting the Facility Hall, your leader can only choose one facility to build.

In building the first facility, each members can donate numbers of rough elunium or oridecon to progress the building. Each member can only submit 6 times a day.

Your guild needs 38 donation in order to complete. When completed, you can now build the other facility.

Guild Challenge Rules

  • The Guild Challenge will be open after the Facility Lobby is unlocked
  • The Guild Challenge will be reset and refreshed at 5:00am on Mondays.
  • For each guild member who meets the conditions of the Guild Challenge, the progress +1.
  • After completing the Guild Challenge, All guild members will receive corresponding Guild Challenge rewards. Challenge rewards can be claimed by visiting the Facility Lobby.
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