How to Trigger an Avalanche in Ring of Elysium (ROE)

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Tencent Game’s Ring of Elysium has put some flurry into the battle royale scene by adding dynamic weather into the mix of survival. With the launch of the game worldwide recently opening up to the EU which resulted in the game reaching the top 10 charts on steam with over 50,000 concurrent players.

We have been getting asked one question a lot, how the hell do I trigger an in-game avalanche? So, here’s a quick tip.

Step 1: Get to Climbing

The outskirts of the Ring of Elysium map hold some advantageous structures, these are the places you’ll have to make the trek to but can be well worth it. These may look like haphazard buildings left for ruin, but what they hold is some valuable and strategic snow pile up. 

Step 2: Make things go BOOM!

Get your weapons and explosives out and make some noise to create a shockwave, (grenades work particularly well for this) aim behind your sought out snow filled building towards the mountainside. 

Step 3: Abort and Get to the Choppa

Once you hear the victorious sounds of rock tumble strap on your snowboard and speed down the mountain leaving unexpected players behind in your snowy wake (you can cackle maniacally it’s ok we won’t tell).

That’s it! Ready to give it a shot? Ring of Elysium is available to play for free now on Steam.

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