How to Sit Down (Emoji Poses) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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You probably have hard time figuring out how to sit down or do emoticons action in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, simply because there are no buttons for that to do the action. The button for poses usually located in the bottom left corner of your screen, above the chat box. Tapping it will show all of the available poses you learned from different quest.

The reason why the button won’t appear on the screen is because it requires you to unlocked first the Emoji abilities. You can unlock this abilities by completing some quest in the Prontera South Gate.

How to Unlocked the Emoji Poses

First, you need to finish the Trial 2 Quest of Burton, Eden Team Examiner, you can find him on the top of Prontera South Gate (Novice Starting Area). Talk to him to start the quest. (If you haven’t finish yet the Trial 1, you need to finish that quest first to activate Trial 2 quest, that quest is just nearby the area)

He will asked you if you know how to find Banni. Answer yes, to automatically locate Mr Banni on the map.

When you reach Banni, talk to him and he needs help finding his lovely Lubies. This give you several spot on finding Lubies, look at the map for the guides. 

Since this is a straight forward mission and there are already guides in the game, we skip some partion of the mission. So, Let’s say you already finish retrieving Lubies and send it to Banni.

You need to back to Burton to report to him and complete the Trial 2. From here, you will now unlocked the Emoji which will activate the button for Pose. 

A new emoji button should appear at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Give it a try! your character should now do poses and emojis.

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