How to Run Smooth 60 FPS, Ultra Graphics in Ragnarok M Eternal Love for PC

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Running the Ragnarok M Eternal Love in PC is now possible with the use of emulators, there are lots of emulators available in the internet that is compatible with this game. We got lots of inquiries from our Websites on how we run the game very smoothly in PC and what emulators we’re using.

For this tutorial, we gonna use Bluestack and NOX for running the game in 60fps with everything set in Ultra. This optimization will only works for high-end computers with minimum specs of GTX 1060 video cards, 8GB Ram and 4 cores CPU. For low-end computers, we will create a separate guide for it.

Updates 01/12/2019

Guys! You can now play true 60fps using Bluestacks CN 3. Check our recent post on this link.

Game Settings (Old Article)

Please go here for the latest updates on 60fps —> link.

First, we need to setup the game settings from our Ragnarok M Eternal Love game.

Go to MoreSettings at the upper right corner of the game screen.

Set the Resolution to Default, then in Power Saver Mode, unchecked the Screen Saver. We set it to default so that the game will apply the screen resolution of our emulator settings. Unchecking the screen saver will avoid auto-low graphic settings when your computer becomes idle.

In the Displayed Players, set it to High. This will show all players in the game and eliminate the ghost shadow players. 

This is optional, depending in your preferences. This will make the character models with outline, cartoon like – similar to the original Ragnarok game.

Bluestack (Old Article)

Please go here for the latest updates on 60fps —> link.

If you don’t have bluestacks yet, you can download from their official website at

First, we have to change the settings of our Bluestack, everything we need to set it to high.

Click the Gear icon on the top right corner of the bluestacks window. Then click Settings.

Now set the following, in Display Settings – set it to 1920 x 1080 or depending on your monitor’s screen resolution. The DPI also should be in High (240DPI).

In Engine, set the Graphics mode to DirectX, CPU cores to 4 and Memory to 4096 MB. Then click the Restart now button to apply the changes. 

Once restarted, open the Ragnarok M game from your Bluestack. Then, Login your game character.

NOX (Old Article)

Please go here for the latest updates on 60fps —> link.

You can download NOX from their official website at

Click the Gear icon on the upper right corner of the NOX Player. 

Now, click Advanced settings and set the following.

  • Performance Settings – Custom (4 core CPU, 4096 MB Memory)
  • Startup Settings – Tablet (1920 x 1080)
  • Graphics rendering mode – Speed (DirectX)
  • Frame settings – 60

You may also change the resolution that will fit to your screen monitor, just select custom. For the RAM memory, if you want to add more gig, just multiply 1GB by 1024. (eg. 8 X 1024 = 8192MB). Press Save settings to apply the changes.

That’s it! Your Ragnarok M Eternal Love should run very smoothly now at 60 fps and Ultra settings. If you have suggestion or better settings, please leave a comment down below.

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