How to Make Rookie Meat Kebabs – Pizza’s Cook Cuisine Quest in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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If you’re stuck in the Pizza’s Cook Cuisine Quest where you’re asked by Pizza, Cuisine Association to make 2 Rookie Meat Kebabs, you probably no idea how to cook it or where to start. Well, here’s how it is done in Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

First Open your Bag, then open / use the Level 1 Cookbook, it’s the Book Recipe in your bag with 4 arrow pointing.

This will zoom in and open the Cooking Menu, you need to click the Basket on the bottom left corner and select the 2nd icon (Grilling).

From here, add any food ingredient and start the cook. You may use the Rocker Leg Meat or Lunatic Meat you’ve got from the previous quest. Once done, press the Start button to start cooking. 

Using the grilling will give you a Rookie Meat Kebab. Make another 1 to complete the objective. If you have no more ingredients, you may farm with the Chef’s Eagle Eye to get the ingredients.

That’s it! Talk again to Pizza  to get your 5 x Basic Food Back and some EXP’s.

You may also watch the video walk-through below.

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