How to Make Follow or Ride a Pokemon in Let’s Go Pikachu, Eevee

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If you still have problem figuring out how to ride or make follow a Pokemon alongside with you in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, Eevee. We’re here to help you! You can pick up this tutorial from one of the NPC in the game.

To Make Follow or Ride a Pokemon, open Main Menu by pressing X Button (R JoyCon), or Up button (L JoyCon).

open your Bag Menu.

Then go to Pokemon Box.

Now, find and select the Pokemon that you want to make follow alongside or ride.

Press A (R JoyCon), or Right button (L JoyCon) to pop-up the option list, then select Add to Party.

You could also simply press the + button or – button from your JoyCon to Add the Pokemon in your Party.

Assign the position of your Pokemon in your Party. (Anywhere)

Now, go back to Main Menu, and open the Party Menu.

Select the Pokemon among the party that you want to make follow or ride. Press A (R JoyCon), or Right button (L JoyCon) to show pop-up the option list and select the Take out of Poke Ball.

You could also simply press the + button or – button from your JoyCon controller. This is the Take Out of Poke Ball option found on the bottom instruction.

Pika Pika! Your Pokemon should now be traveling alongside with you. 

This is the same on riding a Pokemon. However, there are only selected Pokemon that you can ride. Check our homepage for the other guides. You may also watch our walk-through video below.

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