How to Make a Poring Parfait in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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In the Food Appraisal Quest, you were asked to make a Poring Parfait and bring them to gourmet Dwight for Appraisal. If you missed the main ingredients for this recipe. You may check it below.

Ingredients of Poring Parfait

  • 1 x Smokie Grape – Primary Ingredients
  • 1 x Poring Apple –  Primary Ingredients
  • 1 x Goblin Strawberry – Rare Ingredients

You can buy these ingredients from the Primary Ingredients Shop and Rare Ingredients Shop.

If you want to loot these ingredients from the monster. Check it below.

Poring Apple can be looted from Poring Lv.1 (North Gate, South Gate Prontera), and Pierce Lv.42 (Ant Hell).

The Smokie Grape can be loot from Chon Chon Lv.13 (West Gate Prontera, Labyrinth Forest), and Horong Lv.62 (Payon Forest, Payon Cave 2F).

While the Goblin Strawberry can be looted from Kobold – Hammer Lv. 74 (Kordt Forest, Kordt Forest West)

How to Cook Poring Parfait

Open your bag, then use the Cookbook.

To cook the Poring Parfait, you need to use the 4th icon (Smoothie) from the Basket (Cookware).

Then add the ingredients Smokie Grape, Poring Apple and Goblin Strawberry

Then finally, start the cook and you should get the Poring Parfait.

That’s it! Hope this simple guides help you cook this smoothie!

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