How to Get and Use Edelweiss in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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If you’ve been roaming around and tried to kill some few monster in the Toy Factory 1, Gingerbread City in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. You’ve probably encounter a drop item called Edelweiss, it is one of the redeem item type in the game that can only be get in Toy Factory and can be use to exchange for rare blueprints.

You can also use Edelweiss to purchase item from evasive Greedy Shop which is randomly appear in Toy Factory and gone for 2 hours. This shop is very evasive and no one knows when and how to summon this shop.

However, you cannot redeem any of the item yet – if your level is below 95. There are required quest and adventure achievement that you need to finish to able to redeem these item.

How to Get Edelweiss from Monster

These item can be acquired from the following monster:

  • Cookie (Lv.108)
  • Cruiser (Lv.111)
  • Chepet (Lv.116)
  • Gift of Krampus – Meanness (Lv.110)

You can also get 1000 x Edelweiss using real money from Recharge, the EP 3.0 Premium.

What item you can buy from Greedy Shop

Here are the some of the items that you can buy from the Greedy Shop, 3 items will only be displayed per spot.

  • Ice Cube (2 Edelweiss, 150 Zeny)
  • Christmas Garland (5 Edelweiss, 400 Zeny)
  • Christmas Eggrya (10 Edelweiss, 3500 Zeny)
  • Christmas Socks (10 Edelweiss, 2000 Zeny)
  • Parts (50 Edelweiss, 20,000 Zeny)
  • Snowman (10 Edelweiss, 3,000 Zeny)
  • Key of Clock Tower (50 Edelweiss, 20,000 Zeny)

What you can Redeem from Edelweiss

The following item are the blueprints that you can redeem from exchanging Edelweiss. The required quest are also listed along the names.

  • Reindeer Beani Blueprint – Requires Achievement: Games and Bounty
  • Warm Christmas Tree Blueprint – Keep the Promise (Lv.95)
  • Hamster Bugler Blueprint – Cunning Bijou Quest (Lv.95)
  • Frozen Crown [1] Blueprint – Requires Achievement: Silent Prayer
  • Christmas Ribbon [1] Blueprint – Requires Achievement: Toy  Tycoon
  • Gold Christmas Bell Blueprint – Requires Achievement: Christmas Expert


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