How to Get 720 Contribution Points, using Rookie Foods from Black Cat Cafe Construction, Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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One of the four guild facility, the Black Cat Cafe can actually gives guild members a total of 660 to 720 Contribution points daily by just donating a set of rookie foods for its construction or level up upgrades. Each time you donate a set of food, it will give 60 to 120 contribution points, up to 6 times a day. The amount of food donation is ranging from 5 to 20 pcs. It will ends when it reaches 100%. However, guild leader can level up the facility for another batch of donations, up to level 10.

Not just that, when the upgrades or construction is completed, each member can also get a Steward Cat’s Gift which contains random item like Honor Proof, Unity Proof, and Shining Glass Bead. Unity Proof can be used to purchase PVP potion from Black Cat Cafe.

In our case, we donated a total of 65 pcs of Rookie Black Tea, and we get a total of 720 Contribution points, which only cost 6,500 Zeny from cooking the single food ingredients.

We’re not sure if the required food in higher level needs expensive foods. But in our experience level 1 and level 2 upgrades are still using Rookie Foods for upgrades. We’ll update this post for that!

Donation Foods for Each Level Upgrades

Black Cat Cafe UpgradesFood StarsDaily Contribution Points Earned
Initial Building Lv.1✩ 660 points
Upgrades to Lv.2✩ or ★720 points
Upgrades to Lv.3★ or ★✩840 points

That’s it! So, asked your guild leader to prioritize the construction of Black Cat Cafe and get more contribution points way cheaper to upgrades your Aesir Monument Runes.

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