How to Find Sohee Star, Fierce Ghost Quest in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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When you reach level 60 to 70, there will be a new quest available in Payon Cave 2F, which you can activate from the NPC named, Mead (Midgard Geographic), the name of the quest is Fierce Ghost. Your objective is to use the Ghost Camera to find Sohee Star and kill it.

Looking for this Sohee Star is one of the difficult quest in the Ragnarok M Eternal Love, its hard to figure out how to complete this quest as there are no clues how to find Sohee Star and how to spot it’s location. Since we already completed this quest, we’ll help you catch this rare ghost!

Before everything else, first you need to activate your Ghost Camera adventure skills. If you don’t have one, get it on the top corner of Prontera.

How to Find Sohee Star

We suggest to look for her at the bottom outer corner of the map in the Payon Cave 2F, Sohee Star usually spawn on these area. 

To spot Sohee Star, you need to find a floating emoticons, usually Evil Smiley or an Angry expression, the emoticon should appear next to an invisible monster not to a visible Sohee. 

When you spot one, use your camera to show it’s aura.. It’s a smokey transparent circle and color violet. Take a shot from your camera to spook Sohee Star and make it appear.

The Sohee Star should appear after taking shots. Sometimes, you could get the monster Sinking Soul as they have the same abilities. If this happen, just look again.

Once you killed the monster, you can now go back to NPC, Mead to get your rewards.

The rewards for completing the Fierce Ghost Quest is 3100 Zeny, 14580 Base EXP and 8460 Job EXP.

For reference, you may also watch our walk-through video guide.

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