How to Find Chowee (Naughty Chowee Payon Quest) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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On the part of the Missing Win Jar Quest in Payon, after talking to Kinny Kid, a new quest called Naughty Chowee will begin, where you were ask to find a little kid named Chowee that was hiding in a room inside the Payon Castle.

A lot of players have hard time looking for this little girl in the game, as you couldn’t see her with the normal angle of the screen, simply because she was blocked from the corner a house. However, using a camera, you will able you to see this little girl just standing in the balcony. The name of this NPC doesn’t also show up in the screen making this quest impossible to finish without a guide.

How to Find Chowee

Chowee is hiding on this house, right bottom part of the Payon castle. She is behind Nona Payon Kid, and was hiding in the balcony.

If you use your camera you will clearly see her with this angle.

That’s it! Hope this guide helps you find Chowee! You may also check our video walk through below.

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