How to Make Rookie Black Tea – Food Appraiser Quest in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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In the Royal Cuisine Association, inside Prontera. There’s an quest from Dwight, Cuisine Association Food Appraiser that he wants you to cook a 1 Rookie Black Tea for him to taste and got an appraisal for your cooking skills. In the objectives, there are no ingredients mentioned and from whom the monster should the ingredient be looted.

Many players got stuck on this quest because of the tricky objectives. The ingredients you need is a Fruit type, a Poring Apple can do this job. You can get a Poring Apple from Poring in the Prontera South Gate.

Do not forget to use Chef’s Eagle Eye, for you to get the apple from the Poring.

You may also buy one from the Primary Ingredient Shop, the merchant is just on the upper corner, his name is Uller Donchawins, Cuisine Association Hunting Master.

Once you got the ingredients, you can now open your Cookbook and make the tea. In the Cookware basket icon button, you need to select the 3rd icon (Steaming). Then choose the apple as ingredients and press the Start to begin the cooking.

You should get a Rookie Black Tea from the cook with Nutrition Value of +60 HP, +6 SP, +8 M.Atk and Reserve Effect of 1500 HP Reserve and 150 SP Discharge.

That’s it! Enjoy your cooking in the Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

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