How to Chop Down Tree’s in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, Eevee

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In the early game of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, Eevee. You probably notice the trees blocking some pathway in the area of the map, unable for you to get loots or walk to other sides. The only way to remove that trees are by chopping it down with Pikachu/Eevee abilities. But, how would you obtain this abilities?

The abilities to chop down trees is the Secret Technique Chop Down, You can get this from the Captain of S.S. Anne Ship located in Vermilion City. 

Getting the S.S. Ticket Boarding Pass

You need an S.S Ticket in order for you to reach the Captain at the Vermilion City, without it – you’re not allowed to board the ship, the S.S Ticket can be obtain from Bill, this is where the talking Pokemon lives. The cottage of bill is just in the right corner of Route 24, above Cerulean City.

Refer to this map, for the exact location of Bill’s Laboratory.

When you enter the Laboratory of Bill, you’ll find out a talking Pokemon that needed your help to return him back to a normal person. That was Bill.

After this, he will give you the S.S. Anne Ticket that you can use to board the ship of the Captain.

How to get to Vermilion City from Cerulean City

If you have no idea how to get to Vermilion City, you need to check this guide first. If you’re coming from the Cerulean City.

Find and enter the house on the top right corner of Cerulean City, before the bridge, back of the Cerulean City Pokemon Gym.

Inside the house, there will be hole made by the Team Rocket. Enter to the hole, so you can pass to the other side of Cerulean City.

From their, take the road in the bottom, until you reach Route 5.

There will be an underground tunnel going to Vermilion City. Enter to the tunnel.

You should arrived in the Route 6 at the end of the tunnel. The South part is the Vermilion City already.

In the Vermilion City, the port is just on the right bottom corner.

How to learn the Secret Technique Chop Down

Once you have the S.S. Ticket, board the ship at the south part of the Vermilion City. 

The captain is on the 3rd floor. Upon boarding, turn left and straight ahead.

Take the stairs going to the 2nd floor. 

In the 2nd floor, turn right and straight until you reach the next stair.

From here, you’ll meet your Rival trainer. You’ll be required to face your rival before you can talk to the captain. Once, you defeated him. You can now go upstair to talk to Captain.

The Captain can now teach your Pikachu / Eevee the Secret Technique Chop Down.

To use, just go in front of the tree and press A Button (Right Joycon) or Right Button (Left Joycon). Then it will prompt you to cut the trees.

Pika Pika! You can now chop down thin trees in the game.

You may also watch our walk-through video below.

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