How to Catch Gyarados (Rare) in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, Eevee

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Catching this rare Pokemon is probably one of the most fulfilling moments in playing this game. This Gyarados is not only powerful but you can also ride this Pokemon whenever you’re in the water. Some players are using Magikarp to evolve it to Gyarados, but there are ways to obtain this monster easily by capturing it and using a Super Lure.

This rideable Pokemon is very rare in the game and you can only catch it in the water. The location where you can catch this Pokemon is in Route 20

What you need to Bring

Bring at-least 10 of the items below, or as many as you can.

  • Super Lure
  • Poke Balls (Normal, Great or Ultra)
  • Berry (Razz Berry, Silver Pinap Berry or Golden Nanab Berry)

Super Lure is needed to lure the rare Pokemon, including the Gyarados. This lure will effect for almost 1 minute, so you have to bring more to extend its duration.

For higher chance of success, we suggest to bring the Ultra Poke Ball and Higher Berry.

In our case, we use Normal Poke Balls after we run out of Great Poke balls. Surprisingly, we manage to capture Gyarados for about 10 tries using the normal Poke Balls.

Another Tip: Activate the 2nd Controller for help in catching.

How to Hunt Gyarados

Known spawning area of Gyarados is in Route 20, bottom corner of the map. It usually spawn for 10 to 30 minutes after using the Super Lure. In some case, it may spawn early if you’re lucky.

Reach the Route 20 from Fuschia City, use the Sea Skim Secret Technique to surf in the water.

Use the Super Lure from your bag and roam the area until you found the Gyarados.

After 15 to 30 minutes of waiting, Gyarados is starting to spawn in the area. Look! We spot two of them.

Gyarados is fast and it moves away from the players, you need to corner him in order for you to get him.

In catching Gyarados, Use a higher tier of Poke ball and a berry. You could also activate the second player to help you catch this rare Pokemon.

If you’re lucky and able to get the Gyarados. It should now be added to your Pokedex.

Put it in your Party, and Take out from the Poke ball. Now, you can ride Gyarados whenever you’re in the water.

That’s it! Hope this simple guide helps you catch the Gyarados.

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