Get 500,000 EXP BASE Potion (L) from Pet Labor in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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Did you know that you can get free 500,000 Base EXP Potion, 100,000 Base EXP Potion, Large 50,000 JOB Potion, and Medium 10,000 JOB POTION from putting your pet into work using the Labor Traveling Machine? In 24 hours of work, you could get at least 2 of these potion in a day, for average you could get 8 to 20 potions.

In our experience, we luckily collected 4 BASE Potion (L), 6 BASE Potion (M) and 6 Medium JOB Potion just for a single day. That’s an extra free 2,600,000 Base EXP and 60,000 Job EXP for your character aside from daily of farming of exp at Mission Board, Monster Resistance and Rift.

So, how to do it? First you need to have a pet with a Level 5 intimacy  for you to have the Labor Traveling Machine in your bag. If you don’t have it, please get those first, it is a quest somewhere in Prontera – we will write a separate guide for it.

How to get BASE Potion (M) and Medium JOB Potion

Let’s say you already have those requirements, go to your bag and open the Labor Traveling Machine.

Then in the recruitment list, select the Item Shop.

Select the pet you want to put in to work, then press Start

Your pet is now working, it will earn an reward every 55 minutes. For best result, you can check it every morning and farm your potion.

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  • urtheonlyone November 14, 2018 11:14 pm

    i love so much using labor travelling machine..hahahah extra lvlup base + job.. can i use 2 pets at the machine?but how?


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