Food Appraiser Quest – Fish Head Soup (Hydra + Salt) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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In one of the quest inside the Cuisine Association in Prontera, you were asked to make a 1 Fish Head Soup and bring it to Dwight for appraisal. If you happen to skip the conversation, you probably missed the important ingredient to cook this soup. 

The ingredients for making this soup is 1 Hydra Meat and 1 Salt, Use the 3rd icon Steaming to cook it.

You can easily buy this ingredients inside the Royal Cuisine Association, Hydra Meat is available in the Primary Ingredients. Salt is available in the Material Shop. However, if you’re not yet Adventure Class F salt it will be locked from the shop and not available for purchase.

How to Get Salt from Monsters

If Salt is not available from the shop, what you can do is to loot it from the Monsters. Buy a Chef’s Eagle Eye from the Material Shop, use it and kill one of these monster:

  • Thief Bug (Lv. 13) – You can find it in Sewer 1F or in Sewer 2F
  • Eggrya (Lv. 61) – You can find it in Payon, Payon Cave 1F

How to Get Hydra Meat from Monster

The easiest way obtaining the Hydra Meat is from the Primary Ingredients, it’s much cheaper than using the Chef’s Eagle Eye, it’s only 120 Zeny. But if you rather want to loot it from the Monster.  

You can acquire these meat from the following monster:

  • Hydra (Lv. 23) – You can find it on Sunken Ship, or Ghost Ship
  • Bongun (Lv. 65) – You can find it in Payon, Payon Cave 1F or Payon Cave 2F

Credits to Norman Cruz for helping us out looking for the salt ingredients.

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