How to Summon Greedy Shop (Toy Factory 1F) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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You probably heard about a Greedy Shop in Ragnarok M Eternal Love either from a Community page or somewhere else. This Greedy Shop is the most deceptive shop that you can find in the game, because this shop randomly spawns in the area once summoned and vanish after 2 hours. The shop also contains random rare items which is very expensive in Exchange, good for earning a lot of Zeny. However, you can only buy 3 types of item per day with limited quantities.

Greedy Shop can only be found in Toy Factory 1F in Gingerbread City. It will randomly spawn in the area after it was summoned. 

How to Summon Greedy Shop

You can summon this shop by killing all of the small Myst Case. Myst Case spawn usually in the left bottom corner of the map. There are only 10 Myst Case per summon, so killing all of the remaining Myst case will summon the Greedy Shop. Myst Case is the small gift box monster with the glowing black aura

You’ll know if you kill all of the Myst Case because there will be a pop up appears on the left corner of the screen saying Greedy toy dealer showed up somewhere… This time, greedy shop should appear in random location in the Toy Factory 1F map. You’ll also know if the shop is already up, if there are no Myst Case monster in the area.

In our case, After killing all of the Myst Case in the area, we finally summoned the Greedy Shop at 11:25am, the NPC Greedy Toy Dealer spawn somewhere on the left top corner of the map, and it went gone at exactly 01:25pm.

After the Greedy Shop is gone, the Myst Case monster will respawn anytime again in the left corner of the map. This time, other players or you, can re-summon the Greedy Shop. (Note: If you already bought all and sold out all of the item in the shop, it will not refresh until the next day)

Moving to other server channel won’t change the items sold in the Greedy Shop, it will only refresh on the next day.


If there is no more small Myst Case with dark aura in the left corner of the map, it means the greedy shop are already summoned by other players. What you only need to do is to find it!


In order to purchase from the Greedy Shop, you need an Edelweiss, an item that you can loot from the following monsters, all of them are in Toy Factory 1F:

  • Cruiser (Lv.111)
  • Cookie (Lv.116)
  • Chepet (Lv.116)
  • Gift of Krampus – Meanness (Lv.110)
  • Stormy Knight (MVP – Lv.115) 

You could also get 1000 x Edelweiss from EP 3.0 Card from ReCharge.

Items in Greedy Shop

There’s equivalent cost of Zeny for each item available in the shop. Here are the items and prices that are being sold in the Greedy Shop. Only three items from this list will be available in the shop and you can only buy those item for limited quantities once per day. (Item Exchange Price as of 11/30/2018)

ItemBuying PriceSelling Price in Exchange

50 Edelweiss
20,000 Zeny
871,271 Zeny

50 Edelweiss
20,000 Zeny
351,669 Zeny

Ice Powder
50 Edelweiss
20,000 Zeny
288,100 Zeny

Wrapping Lace
50 Edelweiss
20,000 Zeny
80,366 Zeny

Crystal Mirror
50 Edelweiss
20,000 Zeny
317,613 Zeny

Dragon Scale
50 Edelweiss
20,000 Zeny
251,117 Zeny

Fang of Hatii
50 Edelweiss
20,000 Zeny
260,459 Zeny

50 Edelweiss
20,000 Zeny
268,504 Zeny

Key of Clock Tower
50 Edelweiss
20,000 Zeny
553,121 Zeny

Rose Quartz
50 Edelweiss
20,000 Zeny
463,756 Zeny

Star Crumb
50 Edelweiss
20,000 Zeny
246,076 Zeny

Time Twister
50 Edelweiss
20,000 Zeny
1,180,283 Zeny

Ice Cube
2 Edelweiss
150 Zeny
2,179 Zeny

Christmas Garland

5 Edelweiss
400 Zeny

9,294 Zeny

Christmas Eggrya
10 Edelweiss
3,500 Zeny
14,580 Zeny

Christmas Socks
10 Edelweiss
2,000 Zeny
20,226 Zeny

10 Edelweiss
3,000 Zeny

Details about the Greedy Shop

  • Greedy Shop appears after all Myst Case monster is killed.
  • After summon, it will stay for 2 hours in a random location.
  • 10 x Myst Case monster will respawn after Greedy Shop is disappeared.
  • Item sold in the shop is different for every players, item will refresh on the next day.
  • Only 3 items are available in the shop with limited quantities, refresh on the next day.
  • Edelweiss and Zeny is used to purchase the items in the shop.
  • Expensive Rare Items are randomly available in the shop.
  • Moving to Other Channel will still get the same item, item refresh on the next day.

How to go to Toy Factory 1F

To go to Toy Factory 1F, you need first – to go to Al De Baran. Then on the left top corner of the map in Al De Baran, you should see a Santa Claus. Talk to Santa and it will teleport you to Gingerbread City. Then in Gingerbread City, enter the portal in the top center corner of the map.

You may also watch our quick walk-through video for references.

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  • harukazu December 4, 2018 7:59 am

    can u use another character on your ID to get another set item on greedy shop??

  • Seitentaisei December 5, 2018 4:38 am

    Do the items reset everytime he spawns? Or will it be the same set of items for the whole day?

    • Erwin Bantilan December 5, 2018 4:44 am

      items will be the same for the whole day, even if the shop respawn again. Item will be refresh on the next day.


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