Do not Update Console without Saving, It will Delete Pokemon Let’s Go Progress

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If you haven’t heard of the horror of losing their progress in Pokemon Let’s Go because of a Console update in their Nintendo Switch. You should be careful when updating your console, as most people who wipe out their progress, they though of the notification update has no way of starting the game without closing or update the console first.

When an update comes to your Switch, when you try to open the game. An prompt window will tell you, your Switch has a new update Update. There will be two buttons in the bottom of the update prompt. Cancel and Update button, without noticing the Start Software button in the center.

When pressing the Update button, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, Eevee game will be close and all of your progress after the last time you save will all be wipe out. 

So, If ever your Nintendo Switch got update. Always click the Start Software and save your progress first.

We just hope. Nintendo will find ways how to avoid this thing in the future. And hoping they’ll add an Auto-Save functionality.

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