Answers to Wisdom Family Quest (Glast Heim Minstrel), Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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The last quest for the Minstrel in Glast Heim is the Wisdom Family Quest. Same with the other minstrel quest, you’ll be challenge to answer correctly the question o f Belmond Ellen Minstrel. Many of you probably got stuck on this and have hard time answering the questions.

The rewards you’ll be getting for completing this quest are the following:

  • Bazerald [1]
  • 312,750 Base EXP
  • 181,400 Job EXP
  • 4,500 Zeny
  • 150 x Eden Coin

You can find below all of the answers for Minstrel questions.

Answers for Wisdom Family Question

In Sibigay’s story, what is Sibigay’s profession? The answer is Puppeteer.

In Lavure’s story, what magic did Lavure cast? The answer is Ancient Magic.

In Elke’s story, what did Elke want to exchange the Goddess necklace for? The answer is Goddess’s Tear.

Collecting 50 x Bowstring From Gargolye

The next objective is collecting 50 x Bowstring from Gargolye. This is a quest item so killing one Gargolye assures for 1 or 2 Bowstring. Just kill 25 to 50 of them and you should complete this quest easily.

Collect 60 x Cyfar from Dark Priest

The next one is collecting 60 x Cyfar from Dark Priest. Dark Priest are still in the Glast Heim Churchyard. Kill 30 to 60 of Dark Priest to complete it.

Last Objectives the Poem Collection of Belmond

This one is pretty easy, just go back to Glast Heim Churchyard and look for the Poem Collection of Belmond.

Then there will be 3 x Crazy Injustice appears in your front, you just need to kill 3 of them to complete.

To complete the whole quest, go back to the minstrel and you should get the rewards.

That’s it! Hope this simple guide helps you complete the Minstrel Glast Heim Quest. You may also check our walk through video guide below.

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