Answers to King Schmitz Quest (Minstrel) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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One of the Minstrel quest in Glast Heim from the NPC Belmond Ellen Minstrel, the King Schmitz Quest. This quest is one of the questions and answers quest that requires correct answer to proceed. The required base level to unlock Minstrel in Glast Heim is level 80.

The reward that you can get from completing King Schmitz are the following:

  • Rune Armor
  • Ivory Knife [1]
  • 312,750 Base Exp
  • 181,400 Job Exp
  • 4,500 Zeny
  • 150 Eden Coin

When starting the quest. The minstrel will asked you three question to proceed with the quest. It needs to answer the questions correctly, or else it will return to the first question.

Answers for King Schmitz Question

In Yarsuharka the Sabertooth’s story, which term of Kobold prophet did Yarsuharka serve’s? The answer is The first.

Reyen, Morgan, Maria have one common mentor. What’s here name? The answer is Circe.

Which guild did Los Rabil belong to before joining in the Hand of Goddess? The answer is The Assassin’s Guild.

Armor(s) from Abysmal Knight

When you answer all of the questions correctly, you’ll proceed to the next objective. Collecting 1 x Armor(s) from Abysmal Knight. 

If your character couldn’t kill the Abysmal Knight, there’s a trick for it. You just need to provoke the Abysmal Knight and run to Ariel, the 1000 HP healer. This way, you’ll not get easily killed by the monster and you could able to kill it.

Necklace of Oblivion

The next objective is collecting 60 x Necklace of Oblivion from the Evil Druid at the Glast Heim Churchyard. This objectives takes time to collect those 60 drops. But if you’re in a hurry, you could buy from Exchange.

Challenge McLiter for Fight

The last objective is challenging McLiter for a fight. Defeat McLiter to complete the whole quest.

That’s it! Just go back to the Belmond Minstrel to get your rewards.

You could also watch our walk-through video for reference.

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