Stuck on Carry the Moonshiner to the Wagon in Red Dead Redemption 2

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Are you stuck on the part of the mission called American Distillation, where you were assigned as a temporary deputy by Sheriff Gray to investigate these filthy group of tax dodger called Moonshiners or Braithwaites? Then, you need to get to their hideouts to capture the gang? This guide will help you fix that problem.

When Arthur was assigned to knocked and hogtie a Moonshiner member without getting caught, a bug in Red Dead Redemption 2 is stopping you from completing the mission. This is when you pick up one of the moonshiners and you carry them to the Wagon, and it ends up being stuck in the game that the mission won’t be completed.

Restarting the Mission from Checkpoint

It is one of the bug of the game that the Rockstar so far didn’t fix it yet.

Your first problem here is you have no idea how to restart your mission back to the checkpoint. To restart your mission, you just need to kill one of the Moonshiner members and it will automatically fail the mission and will let you retry the mission starting from the last checkpoint.

Once you’ve restarted, you can now proceed on fixing the bug.

How to Solve the Carry the Moonshiner to the Wagon

While in the mission, the Deputy asked Arthur to choose which way you want to take “You boys want right, or left”. You need to pick the right direction.

Now, there are two Moonshiner in the area. You need to knock down and hogtie the first Moonshiner you’ve spotted (Note: Do not pick him up yet). You still need to knock down and hogtie the second Moonshiner in the area first, or else the bug will be triggered.

Once you’ve hogtied both of them, pick them up and put it on the Wagon where Dutch and the Deputy are located.

The mission should proceed now without any bug. Hope this simple fix will solve your problem.

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