Sidescrolling Indie RPG Sand Is the Soul Coming To Steam This November

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Explore a Dark Victorian Post-punk world filled with moral ambiguity. MGP Studios and publisher Fat Dog Games have today announced that Sand is the Soul will release on Steam in November. Sand is the Soul is a 2D side-scrolling action RPG with a non-linear narrative that provides players with an experience of deep choice and consequences in an unforgiving gothic Victorian fantasy world. Sand is the Soul will be coming to Steam early access November 1st.

Inspired by Fighting Fantasy, Double Dragon, and Bloodborne, the entire game has been developed by a one-man studio MGP Studios. The dark stylized atmosphere of Crosshill sets the scene for this narrative-driven experience where the choices you make will decide your path and story.

Sand is the Soul has been created to provide a challenging combat experience combined with the gameplay of a 2D beat-em-up. This combination alongside the game’s RPG mechanics and exploration creates engaging gameplay experiences with an atmospheric backdrop.

Players will be placed in the role of a diplomatic messenger/courier with an opening mission of delivering a vital document to authorities of the bordering town known as Crosshill. Accomplish the mission or don’t, pave your own way with the game’s morality and sanity systems.

Sand is the Soul will be heading to Steam Early Access worldwide, November 1st. Players can wishlist the game on Steam now and join the official Discord for the latest updates.

About Sand is the Soul

Sand is the Soul is a stylized 2D sidescrolling RPG with a combat system that is 90’s era Beat-em-up combined with a focus on timing and positioning. Take on the role of a messenger in a post-punk Victorian fantasy setting and decide on what you will become in the dark unforgiving world that lies before you.

  • Gloomy post-punk Victorian setting
  • Challenging skill driven combat system
  • Total control over your story — Follow or abandon missions, choose to fight or be diplomatic. 
  • Unique morality system where even the most mundane choices have real consequences. 
  • Branching storyline with 30 possible outcomes.
  • Multiple paths and solutions create abundant possibilities every playthrough. 
  • A New Game Plus Mode that allows players to carry over stats, weapons, and other items into an even more challenging world which reflects your prior experiences.
  • Dynamic soundtrack that changes as you play.
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