How to Use Dead Eye and Eagle Eye in Red Dead Redemption 2

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If you missed the instruction on how to use the Dead Eye and Eagle Eye in Red Dead Redemption 2 or you simple not familiar to PS4 controls. Don’t worry! We’re going to recap the instruction how to use this two special power of Arthur.

The two abilities Dead Eye and Eagle Eye has different use and purpose, it can be activated separately from each other.

Dead Eye

Dead Eye is a time-slowing ability of Arthur that is crucial during combat. When activated, it slows down time, allowing precise targeting of enemies. It also reduces damage taken and enables marking enemies for combo attacks.

To use Dead Eye, you need to arm a weapon and then hold the L2 button to aim. Pressing the R3 button will activate Dead Eye.

To target multiple enemies while using Dead Eye, move the aiming reticle and press R1 to mark each target, then press R2 to fire at all the marked targets.

You can cancel Dead Eye by pressing R3 again.

Important Detail: The Dead Eye Core health bar, displayed alongside the Health and Stamina bars near the radar at the bottom left of your screen, can drain while in use but will regenerate over time. Your Dead Eye health bar will also slightly refill each time you kill an enemy. You can use Tobacco to make the Dead Eye drain slower than usual. Exposure to extreme heat or cold will also negatively affect Arthur’s ability to regenerate Dead Eye, as well as other attributes.”

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye is essential for hunting and tracking, allowing Arthur to see trails and paths of enemies or animals. Unlike Dead Eye, Eagle Eye does not slow down time, but it does reveal hidden items and important environmental clues.

To use Eagle Eye, simply press both the L3 and R3 buttons. Then, pressing the R1 button will allow you to focus on the track.

Where is L3 and R3 button

If you’re not familiar with the PS4 controller, the L3 and R3 buttons are the two joystick (like-nipple) buttons. These can be pressed down to activate the Eagle Eye and Dead Eye features.

That’s it! By familiarizing yourself with the mechanics of these two important abilities, you can enhance your immersion and interaction with the game’s rich and detailed world. With this knowledge in hand, you are now better equipped to step into Arthur Morgan’s boots and explore the wild, unpredictable frontier that awaits you in this epic adventure.

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    THANK YOU. I have been thinking of creating my own help pages after seeing how difficult it is to get actual help on how to use the controller and navigate in RDR2. You are one of the most thorough pages around. As simple as this is, when you have spent hours on inept pages and youtube videos claiming to show you how to do something and they DONT, this page is a big deal. Thank you.

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