How to Use Dead Eye and Eagle Eye in Red Dead Redemption 2

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If you missed the instruction on how to use the Dead Eye and Eagle Eye in Red Dead Redemption 2 or you simple not familiar to PS4 controls. Don’t worry! We’re going to recap the instruction how to use this two special power of Arthur.

The two abilities Dead Eye and Eagle Eye has different use and purpose, it can be activated separately from each other.

Dead Eye

The Dead Eye is a special ability of Arthur, it is use when you’re aiming an enemy, using Dead Eye will slow the time of the environment giving you a lot of time targeting an enemy, it will also lessen the damage you take and it allow you mark the enemy for combo. 

To use this abilities, you need to arm an weapon then hold the L2 button to aim. Then pressing R3 button will activate the Dead Eye.

To target multiple enemies. While using the Dead Eye, move the aiming reticle and press the R1 to mark your targets, then press R2 to fire at all targets. Shots will be fired in order.

You can cancel the Dead Eye by pressing the R3.

Dead Eye Core health bar, is along with the Health and Stamina displayed near the radar at the bottom left of your screen. Dead Eye can be drains while being use and it will generate over time. Your Dead Eye health bar will also slightly refill each time you kill an enemy. You may also use Tobacco to make the Dead Eye drain slower than usual. Exposing to extreme heat or cold will also negatively affect Arthurs ability to regenerate the Dead Eye, as well as other attribute.

Eagle Eye

The Eagle eye abilities is use for hunting and tracking, it will allow Arthur to see the path of the enemy. However, time won’t slow down when using this abilities.

To use this, you just press the L3 and R3 button. Pressing the R1 button will focus the track.

Where is L3 and R3 button

If you’re not familiar with the PS4, L3 and R3 button is the two nipple in the controller. These button can be press, you need to press it to activate the Eagle and Dead Eye.

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