How to Solve Jack Hall Gang Treasure Maps in Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

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This is probably the first Treasure Hunter mission you’ll encounter in Red Dead Redemption 2. You’ll meet a renowned explorer named Maximo Cristobal Valdespino in a cliff near Dakota River, west corner of Latneck Station.

Cristobal spent the last 3 three months hunting treasure on the American fontier, but he had to set sail to the island of Shikoku, Japan to get Legendary Tokushima Sapphire. But Cristobal, offered you the treasure map of Jack Hall Gang for $10. If you bought or rob the map, you’ll going unlock the Treasure Hunter Mission, Jack Hall Gang Treasure.

Completing this Mission will earn you a 2 x Gold Bar.

The map illustrate a mountain with a two narrow cliff on the side, near a river, the treasure is in the middle portion of the mountain. These mountain can be located on the Caliban’s Seat. In the map, just the edge upper left corner of Caliban’s Seat, for exact location – please check the map below. If you also notice, the map treasure is flipped compare to the original location.

Once you are near Caliban’s Seat, if you’re in front of the mountain standing in Dakota River, go to the right side corner of the mountain, . There should be a path way going on the top.

Head straight until you find a path way going down to the narrow cliff side of the mountain.

Slowly walk the narrow cliff until you reach the dead end. There is one cliff that you need to jump, you have to press Triangle button to jump to the next cliff.

Once you reach the dead-end, there should be a white spots mark on the mountain wall, you need to search to that area to get the next Treasure map.

The next clue for the next Treasure map location is it illustrate a 3 like volcano with a sun on the bottom center. This is actually the Cotorra Spring and the sun image is just a rock the assembled like a sun. You can go to this location at the north of Cumberland Forest, south portion of Wipiti Indian Reservation.

Once you reach this area, search the compile of rock with a bigger one on the top. This is where the treasure map is located. For references, please check below.

Our next treasure map clue has a small island on the center of a lake. You can find this island at the O’Creagh’s Run at the Grizzlies East, its on the upper right corner of Cumberland Forest. 

This one is a little bit tricky, as you need to swim to the small island. You need a full stamina in order to reach it. We suggest you initially start swimming on the rock in front of the house.

There should be a rock on the middle, you can stand in there to rest and refill your stamina.

Finally, you reach the final point. Search the area to get your Treasure Reward, a 2 x Gold Bar.

You may watch our walk-through video guides below for complete references.

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