How to Sell Animal Pelts in Red Dead Redemption 2

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When hunting an animals in Red Dead Redemption 2, you usually skin the animal to get it’s pelt and stow the pelt in the back of your horse. At the very first mission, you bring the body of the animal to Pearson, then he asked you to skin the animal and the meat is for camp’s meal.

After that mission, when you can freely roam the open world. When you hunt for animal, you don’t need to bring and stow the body of the animal to sell it or donate to camp. What you only need to bring is the skin pelt and the looted meat out from the animal. That’s how you sell its pelt.

How to you sell/donate Animal Pelt to Pearson or to Butcher shop.

First of all, you need to hunt an animal. There are 3 types of pelt that you can get, Poor, Good and Perfect. To get perfect pelt, you need to shot the head of the animal with an arrow. For medium, the body. You usually get poor pelt if you damage too much the animals.

After you kill the animal, you need to skin it to get the pelt and the meat of it. When skinning a bigger animal like Bears or Ox, it is usually bigger and you can only stow one of these to your horse. Other lighter skin like deer, fox and such – you are free to stack up it on the back of your horse.

Stow the pelt to your horse to put it on your stash and sell it later.

Then, you can now go to Pearson or a Butcher to sell or donate the pelt. Pearson for Donation to camp and Butcher for exchange of money.

On selling/donating the pelt for butcher or pearson. Also, you don’t really need to remove the pelt from your horse and bring it to the butcher. It will automatically display in your satchel item list when selling or donating, that will save some of your time ;).


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