How to Get Ledger in Red Dead Redemption 2

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Before you can upgrade your camp, you need a ledger to buy the Leather Working Tools in Red Dead Redemption 2. You can unlock and get this ledger from Mr. Leopoid Strauss, where you will be task to collect and reclaim all debts from his list of Debtors, the name of this mission is Money Lending and Other Sins.

You can easily find Mr. Strauss in the map, look for the yellow LS icon, he usually seat on the rock in the morning and afternoon.

Once you get the task, there are 3 debtors from the list that you need to reclaim.


This is the nearest debtors from the camp and so far the easiest. Just go and find it’s location from the map. Once you reach his house, enter and confront him about his debts from Mr. Strauss.

You need to beat him in order for him to let you loot any item from his house. The item you need to collect is from the cabinet where Mr. Wrobel is standing, the other one is on the cabinet from his left side and the last one is the cabinet from the entrance of the house.

Once you’re done, you may now proceed on the next Debtors.

Chick Matthews

The next debtors is from Mr. Chick Mathhews, this is so far the time consuming task. Once you reach the location of Mr. Chick Matthews, asked anyone who is Mr. Chick, after the guy answered your question. Mr. Chick will going to run riding from his horse.

You need to catch him with Laso to loot from his pocket the Treasure Map.

Open the Treasure Map to unlock the location in your map. The Treasure can be found about Heartland Overflow. 

Go to the big tree and get search the hole for the Treasure item. Once done, you may proceed on the next Debtors.

Lilly Millet

The location of Ms. Lilly can be found on your map. She is on the south corner of Emerald Ranch.

Once reaching the area, you’re going to be involved in a brawl with Ms. Lilly Debtor, Mr. Cooper. You need to beat Mr. Cooper to loot from his pocket the Debt money.

Once you get the money, you can now go back to the camp.

Unlocking the Ledger

To unlock the Ledger, you just need to go to Contribution/Donation box in your camp (Horsehoe Overlook, The Hearthlands, NH) and Give all the Debts.

After that, the Ledger will be available from the Donation Box. You can now purchase Leather Working Tools to upgrade your camp.

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