How to Create Guild in Ragnarok M Eternal Love Guide

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Creating your own guild in Ragnarok M Eternal Love allows you to make your exclusive groups in the game, it will also unlock new guild quest that your team member can participate, additional stats from guild blessing and an easy way of collaboration with your friends on doing leveling and questing. However, creating a guild is one of the hardest part and time consuming to do in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, because of it’s challenging requirements.

Requirements for Creating a Guild

There are three basic requirements for creating your guild.

  • Reach Level 20
  • 200,000 Zeny
  • 1 x Emperium

Reaching Level 20 in Ragnarok M Eternal Love is so far the easiest, as you can just use the Auto Attack method to farm experience and level up in the game, people in the Ragnarok Group call it “grinding”. Best location to farm experience to get Level 20 is on the Prontera West Gate.

Earning 200,000 Zeny is not quite easy, but you can still achieve this by using the same method, the Auto Attack. You may also try doing a quest to earn a much higher amount of Zeny. Or if you are in a hurry, you may purchase it using a Big Cat coin (real money).

The Emperium. There are 2 ways to obtain this item either from Event Items Shops or from an item drop by a MVP Monster.

How to get Emperium from MVP Monster Drop

You can encounter these MVP Monster on different locations in the game, and you probably encounter one of them on the early part of the game in the South Gate of Pontera, it’s the Angeling – bigger version of poring with angelic wings.

Defeating these MVP monster will have a chance of dropping an Emperium, not all the time it will drop an Emperium, so you may try it as many times as possible until you’ll get yourself an Emperium.

Below, we list all of the MVP monster and its location that you can find and fight for Emperium drop. You may also go to your MVP Menu, at the upper portion of your screen, then press More > MVP. Look for the MVP monster that you want and press the Go button, it will automatically locate the place of the monster.

List of MVP Monster that Drops Emperium

Angeling is so far the nearest MVP Monster, but a lot of players are fighting this monster. So, you may select other MVP Monster from the list below.

  • Angeling (Level 25) – South Pontera Gate, Pontera
  • Orc Hero (Level 80) – Orc Village, Geffen
  • Baphomet (Level 100) – Glast Heim Hall

How to Buy Emperium from Event Shop

The alternative way on obtaining Emperium is buying from an Event Shop, you can buy one Emperium for 200,000 Zeny, the store is just inside the Pontera, look and talk to Hokkala Kim Event Merchant.

Browse down the shop item list and look for Emperium. You can buy the Emperium for 200,000 zeny.

So, let’s say you already have the Three basic requirement and ready to create your own Guild. Check our step-by-step guide below on How to create your own Guild.

How to Create your Own Guild

First, you need to go to the Prontera South Gate and on the right center corner of the map, there is a bridge and portal, you need to enter to the portal to go to Izlude Island.

When you arrived in the Izlude Island, go to the Top Center of the map and talk to Valkyrie (Guild).

Press the Create a Guild to start creating your guild.

Now, give it a name.

That’s it! You have now your own guild, and you can now invite your friends to join your Guild in Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

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