How to Claim your Pre-Registration Gift and Events in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

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To those who pre-registered in the game during the announcement period or to those who manage to install the game on it’s first day/week. You can now claim your Pre-Registration Gift from Miu in the Prontera, the Admin of Official Event. Plus, an additional rewards from the Grand Opening Event where you can get an Adventure’s Gift Mission items daily to Tylin at Prontera.

Ragnarok 2.0 Pre-signup

For those who pre-registered on Ragnarok 2.0, wait for the SMS to arrived on the mobile you entered on the pre-registration form. Then you can redeem the code at

The gift reward is locked in per account basis, meaning only one character in your account can claim the rewards.

Here are the item you’ll get once you redeemed the Pre-Registration Gift.

  • 30 X Big Cat Voucher II – You can use this to get premium item from Fantasy Generator II.
  • Novice Ring – Add’s 100 HP to your character
  • Novice’s Love Card – Headwear card inlay, +1 to All Attribute
  • 5 x Mysterious Box – You’ll get 5,000 zeny and a random item
  • 50 x Fly Wing – Potion to Teleport anywhere in the current map.
  • 50 x Blue Potion – Restore 30 to 50 SP
  • 50 x White Potion – Restore 385 to 450 HP
  • Gajah Headwear – A Beautiful Elephant Headwear for your Character with additional +100 HP, +2 Str, +2 Int, +2 Dex.

How to Claim your Pre-Registration Gift

To claim your Pre-Registration Gift, you need to talk to Miu. You can find this NPC inside the Prontera. You may also claim here the Growth Pack.

To go to the Prontera, if you’re from the novice starting point Prontera South Gate, there is a portal on the top of the map.

Once you’re in the Prontera, just near the entrance at the back of those Fantasy Generator. You’ll find in there the Admin of Official Events, named Miu, the one who’s standing in the balcony of a house.

Talk to Miu and click the Pre-Regist. Gift button to start claiming your gift.

Confirm to received it to your account. Note: once you click confirm. The perks will only available to the character you’re using.

That’s it! You can now use the item for your adventure in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. Also, don’t forget to use the Big Cat Voucher II in the Fantasy Generator II to get premium item. Just click the Use button and your character should locate the booth.

How to get Facebook Like Gift Box

If you haven’t discovered this yet, you can get free gifts by just going to the Facebook Like Gift Box under the menu. Just click the Menu… and click the Facebook icon and claim your free rewards.

The gift packs contains 30 x White Potion, 20 x Fly Wing and 20 x Kafra Stash Vouchers.

How to get First Event Reward (Adventurer’s Gift Mission)

You may also claim free items daily from it’s Grand Opening Event, you can get 30 x Big Cat Voucher 1,  5 x Kafra Cargo Ticket, 5 x Kafra Transport Ticket, 3 x Mercenary’s Mission and 2 x Lightning Chain.

To get this, you just need to go to Tylin the Ambassador of Server Opening Event. She is in on the center upper part of Prontera, Talk to her to start claiming your rewards.

Then, click the New Adventure to get your rewards. 

The Big Cat Voucher I can be claimed on the Fantasy Generator I to get premium headwear set.

How to Claim Seventh Event (A Photo for a Bag)

You can also get a 2 x Server Launch Lucky Bag and 1 x Random Item for taking 2 pictures of MVP monster, Mini boss and 1 monster. To get this, you need to take a 2 photos of these different monsters, for 6 you get additional 2 bags and 10 you’ll get additional 2 bags again.

The easiest monster that you can try taking photos is the Angeling, Rocker and the Golden Thief Bug.

Angeling is just hanging around in the Prontera South Gate.

Rocker is a normal monster, and a lot of them are in the Prontera West Gate.

Golden Thief Bug is on the 2nd floor of Sewer. To get here, just open the More.. button from the game menu and click MVP. Then select the monster then click Go.

Here are the other monster that you can hunt: Toad, Rocker, Angeling, Drake, Golden Thief Bug, Strouf, Deviling, Vagabond Wolf, Mistress and Maya.

To claim your rewards, go to Tylin and just click the I photographed Boss.

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