How to Chase Down, Lasso and Capture O’Driscoll in Red Dead Redemption 2

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In Old Friend Mission, while you and your group are going back to the camp, you encounter a feller in the middle of road and Dutch suspected that he was one of the survivor coming from the Colm camp.

Your objective was to Chase Down and Lasso the escaping suspected O’Discoll member, but after you aim and successfully lasso him. The instruction is not quite clear it just says “Keep L2 button held and dismount”. After dismounting, the instruction says “Hold L2 button to ready the lasso and aim at the O’Discoll”. Catching him with lasso didn’t do anything and you end up beating him and running. In this part, your mission becomes failed that says “The O’Driscoll escaped”.

So, How to finish this mission? You probably missed some of the instruction after you dismount from the horse and catching him with Lasso again. The instruction says “Press O button near the O’Driscoll to hogtie them”. This is how you catch the feller and you need to stow him back to the Horse.

How to Lasso and Hogtie the O’Driscoll

First, when chasing the O’Driscoll feller – you need to throw and aim the Lasso to catch him down.

Next, press Triangle to dismount from the horse, don’t forget to keep holding the L2 button for you not to catch the feller again. If you accidentally unhold the L2 button, just recatch the feller again with the Lasso.

Lastly, you need to go near the feller and press the O button to hogtie him. Then Hold Rectangle to pick him up and stow to the horse.

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