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Ragnarok M Eternal Love and the Chinese version Ragnarok Mobile has pretty much the same quests, characters, maps, and locations. If you’ve played Ragnarok Mobile before, it will be easy for you to change job, but for the new ones, it takes a lot of time and trouble to figure out how to change job for their favorite class.

At the first time, you’re a Novice once you entered in the game, you need to reach level 10 in order for you to change your job. Once you’ve already changed your character’s job, you cannot change it to another job anymore. It is permanent. However, you can still create up to 3 characters in your game account and create a new one.

The Job class that you selected when you create your new character is different. That’s for the starting stats of your character and for building guide. Although, you may select different job class out from your initial selection, it still a good idea to match your initial choice to your Job Change. Stats will also reset after changing job.

Below, you can find the step by step guide on how to change your character’s job from novice to any 6 job classes.

Job Classes Available

There are 6 types of job classes you can take in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, below are the list:

  • Swordman or Swordsman – Job Specialty: Melee, Physical, High attack and defense
  • Acolyte – Job Specialty: Ranged, Magic, Heal, Support
  • Merchant – Job Specialty: Battle, Support, Trading Master
  • Thief – Job Specialty: Melee, Physical and High Burst
  • Archer – Job Specialty: Ultra Long Range, Physical, and High single target DPS
  • Magician – Job Specialty: Ranged, Magic, and AOE damage

How to Change Job from Novice in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

First of all, you need to level up your character and must reach level 10. Leveling your character in Ragnarok M Eternal Love is very easy, pressing the Auto Attack found on the lower right corner of your screen will automatically do this job. It will target and attack a nearby enemy. No need to click each monster to earn EXP, you’ll wait until your character reaches level 10.

Once you reach Level 10, go to the Novice Starting Point at Prontera South Gate (this is where your character spawned after you created your new character). Head to the Upper center corner of the map, then find and talk to Poya (Eden Team Coach).

If you haven’t talked to her before, there will be a two button Register and Go to Prontera. You may click first the Register button to get your perks and the Go to Pontera button to proceed on Job Change.

This time, it will be straightforward. There will be a direction guide added in your map, and this will help you locate the next objective. Now, you need to go to the Prontera, the portal going there is in the gate’s castle found on the top center of the map.

Once you’re in the Prontera, go straight up to the center of the map until you find a fountain. The objective is Go to Prontera Center, You need to reach the fountain to activate the finding Cenia. Now, on the lower corner, find and talk to Cenia.

There will be no objective to be assigned to you by Cenia. She will only greet you and a pop-up note added to your map regarding the exclamation marks.

The next quest will be displayed in the map, Have a walk in the town. Find and talk to Nasha (Midgard Geographic Agent). She’s in the right corner, near Cenia.

Talk to Nasha and don’t forget to press the “I’ll get one” to get the Ore Camera, you will use this to take a photo of the beautiful scenery of Pontera.

Near the fountain, find and go to the white circle arrow and take a photo by tapping the Take Pic button.

After that, go back to Sagna and show the photo to her. You will now be rewarded with items and zeny! This will also unlock the Camera and Personal Album from your menu.

Once done talking to Sagna, Go to Kafra Staff (Moguri), she is just across the pavement on the upper right corner. Talk to her and press the Visit Kafra button, she will then check your current status of transport service. After that, you can now go to the Job Change Hall to give your Change Job Class letter.

Job Change Hall portal is on the upper left corner of the map, follow the guide in your map.

Inside the hall, you will be automatically greeted and talk by Higgy Eez (Adventurer’s Guild Senior Mentor). Click the Hand Over Letter, to proceed on selecting your job class.

Once done talking, you can now select the job class you want. Talk to the 6 Job Mentor in the hall to check out each job classes.

Below are the corresponding job class for each person.

  • Toukyou (Kingdom Shield) – Swordsman
  • Laiyinasi (Song of Psalm) – Acolyte
  • Gunther (Creator) – Merchant
  • Ysmir (Hand of Shadow) – Thief
  • Kebak (Silver Breeze) – Archer
  • Durta (Ancient Language Speaker) – Magician

Once you’re decided in which job class you want to join. Talk to the Job Mentor and start the job change.

For example, if you select the Thief job class. Talk to Ysmir and press the Become Thief button.

There will be a Thief Job Test, and it is a set of 3 questions – press the O button to finish the test. Talk again to the Job mentor Ysmir to do your Combat Trial, then press the I’ll Enter to take you to the Combat Trial.

Inside the pit, you’ll be fighting some level 10 enemies. Once you defeated all of them, a mysterious switch will appear on the center, press turn on to open the portal, it will appear in front of the switch, proceed to the portal and press the Enter button to return back to the Job Change Hall.

Once you’re back in the hall, talk again to the Job Mentor that you pick and press the Confirm button to begin the ceremony of your Job Change.

You will then teleported to the Ceremony, press the Forward button to start the Ceremony.

Reaching the stage will begin the transformation of your new job class, press Begin changing jobs to start.

Congratulations! You now have a new job class character which is stronger and has lots of room for improvements.

Lastly, Don’t forget to talk to Sagna and Higgy to unlocked Job Skills and get some perks for your job class. After conversation with Higgy and Sagna, you’ll be asked to proceed to Prontera West Gate to level up your character.

That’s it! Hope this simple guide will help you done the job change. If you have further question or problem, comment it down below so we can help! For discussion, guides and guilds.

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