All 30 Dinosaur Bones Location in Red Dead Redemption 2

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In the middle of the game, you’ll meet an old lady named Deborah MacGuiness a paleontologist, she told you that the state once become a vast shallow sea that has the most incredible animal that could walk, swim and fly. She call that dinosaur Totalisaurus and she requested you to help her find all of the remaining 30 dinosaur bones. Once, you find the bones, you can mail to her the location of each bones from any Post Office in the game.

This mission is called “A Test of Faith”, if you haven’t initiate this mission yet. You can do get it by going to The Hearthlands, South left corner of it. Please refer the screenshot below for the exact location. 

If you have problem locating the bones when you’re in the destination, just use L3 + R3 button to highlight the bones location.

All 30 Dinosaur Bones Location

Below, we list all of the Red Redemption 2 Dinosaur Bones Location for you to easily find each bones in the game. 

Heartlands Oil Field Bone Location (1/30)

The first bone is just on the upper right corner where you find Deborah, in map you probably see a name called “Oil Derrick”, head to that location and you’ll see the an Oil Field. When you reach the oil field, you’ll see a small hole under the oilfield. Use the ladder to reach the bottom and you will spot the bone of the dinosaur.

Heartlands Grassy Hill Bone Location (2/30)

The second bones is just on the a mile away of where you find Deborah, near the Trading Post, right corner of Flatneck Station just head straight until get in to an train intersection, then on the 5th bridge, look at the left and you’ll see the bones just laying down in the grass.

Heartlands Southern Gorge Bone Location (3/30)

Our third bone is just in the Southern part of The Heartlands, just lower right corner of Oil Derrick. In the map, the bone is just on the V shape of the depth map. 

Heartlands Dewberry Creek Bone Location (4/30)

The next dinosaur bones can be found on the upper center portion of Dewberry Creek from the map, and lower right corner of The Heartlands. The bones is on the corner near the rock. 

Scarlett Meadows Dewberry Creek Bone Location (5/30)

Just go south straight in the Dewberry creek until you see a house. Near that area, the bone is laying down the side of the creek. In the map, on the letter “L” of Lemoyne.

Heartlands Abandoned Shack Bone Location (6/30)

Our next bone is on the northern east part of Heartlands. In the map, its on the letter O of the word “New Hanover”. The right arm bones is on the front of the house, in the grasses. 

Roanoke Ridge Kamassa River Bone Location (7/30)

The next bone is on the Kamassa River, North east portion of New Hanover, and north of Elysian Pool. The bone is on the top of the cliff, you have to climb down to reach the bones.

Roanoke  Ridge Van Horn Bone Location (8/30)

The bone is just on the right bottom corner of Kamassa River, near the Van Horn Trading Post. Head to the jungle until you’ll see a Tent, above the tent – the bone is on the grass.

Roanoke Ridge Valley Overlook Bone Location (9/30)

The next bone near the Roanoke Valley, Northern part of Roanoke Ridge and North East of New Hanover, until you see a water falls, head to the right side of the mountain. The bones is on the top most cliff of the mountain.

Roanoke Ridge Overlook Bone Location (10/30)

Our next bone is on the east border line of Ambarino, east of Grizzlies East and west of Roanoke Valley. When reaching the area, you have to reach the most top of stone hill to get the Jaw bones. Ride an horse to easily climb the area.

Grizzlies Northern Boundary Bone Location (11/30)

When you’re coming from the train route, head to west until you reach the letter “O” of Ambarino in the map. Climb up with your horse and you’ll reach the peak point of the mountain. The bones is on that area.

Grizzlies O’Creagh’s Run Overlook Bone Location (12/30)

In the Grizzlies East, just below the “S” of the East in the map, the bone is located on the peak cliff rock of the mountain. When you reach this area, there is a pathway going to peak from the right side, head to that way until you reach the top. You have to jump in order to get the bone from cliff.

Grizzlies Calumet Ravine Bone Location (13/30)

In the map, on the “I” of Ambarino, just the left side of it, south of Calumet Ravine and east side of Donner Falls, and Northwest of Grizzlies East. The foot bone is on one of the brown slope mountain when reaching the area.

Cumberland Forest Bacchus Station Bone Location (14/30)

The next bone is just near the Fort Wallace in Cumberland, head to the next mountain. In the map on the south of “S” of the work Station. There is an flat rock on the top of the mountain. The bone is just the in the area.

Grizzlies Dakota River Ledge Bone Location (15/30)

Just near the Fort Wallace, the location of the bone is on the sout of Cotorra Spring, West of Fort Wallace and North of Cumberland Forest. The bone is just on the top, next mountain fronting Fort Wallace.

Cumberland Forest Six Point Overlook Bone Location (16/30)

The bone is just near the O’Driscoll camp, left corner of Cumberland Forest in the map. Go to the cliff in the area and the bone is just in the edge of the cliff.

Grizzlies Rock Wall Bone Location (17/30)

Just the top of Valentine, there is a river at the Dakota River, head straight when fronting the botcher store in Valentine. The hand bone are just on embedded on the Rock of the wall. 

Heartlands Northern Boundary Bone Location (18/30)

Still near the Dakota River, passing the other valley. In the map just South corner of Dakota River and North part of Valentine. The bone is on the top of the plain hill in the grass.

Heartlands Cliff Face Bone Location (19/30)

In the curving path of Dakota River, go to the shore. In the map, just south corner of Downes Ranch. The arm bones is just on the wall of the Mountains.

Big Valley Northern Cave Bone Location (20/30)

North portion of Wallace Station, South of Grizzlies West. You can find a small cave on this area. The entrance of the cave are just south of the bones location in the map. The bones can be found inside the cave.

Big Valley Rocky Slope Bone Location (21/30)

Head the most west corner of the map at the Big Valley, South of Little Creek River and West corner of Wallace Station. The bone is on rocky slope of the mountain. In the map middle of “W” and “E” of the word WEST.

Big Valley Beryl’s Dream Overlook Bone Location (22/30)

In the map below the C Beryl’s Dream, left bottom corner of Mount Shann and South portion of the Big Valley. You can find the bone in top of the mountain at the cliff.

Here are the complete checklist task that are required to finish the “A Test of Faith” mission.

  • 30 of 30 Dinosaur Bones Found
  • Send all Location to Deborah MacGuiness
  • Collect your reward from Deborah MacGuiness
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