How to Set Up AMD StoreMi Technology

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AMD recently launched it’s accelerated storage technology the AMD StoreMI, where it combines the capacity power of an Mechanical hard drive and the speed power of an SSD, using an AM4 motherboard and an AMD 400-series chipset. What it does is incredible, it will turn both HDD and SSD into one fusion drive that will match the speed of a SSD and a capacity of the HDD.

The number one requirement of using the StoreMi is you need an AM4 Motherboard and an AMD-400 series chipset processor. And ofcourse, a pair of SSD and an HDD. Once you have those requirement, you can now use the AMD StoreMi in your desktop.

Download AMD StoreMi

First, you need to download the AMD StoreMi program from it’s official download page Once done, install the program.

Setting up AMD StoreMi

1. Run the AMD StoreMi, and select the option you want;

  • Create Bootable StoreMi – If you want to combine your bootable drive (Where your OS is installed) and a pair of SSD or an HDD.
  • Create Non-Bootable StoreMi – If you want your existing drive with data to combine with another drive with data. Your data will be combined in one drive.
  • Create New Non-Bootable StoreMi – This will combine the two drive but remove all of the data.

2. Once done selecting the option, it will show another screen where you have to select which is SSD and HDD. Check Fast for the SSD, and check Slow for the HDD.

3. Then click Transform to fusion your HDD and SSD into one fully working drive.

4. Restart your computer and you’re good to go!

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  • Russ March 28, 2020 5:51 pm

    I have 2 newly installed SSD and HDD but I always get for transform data only one drive may have a partition. It doesnt have any partition as well.


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