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MotherGunship is a first person shooter and rogue like game where you can craft your own weapon to defeat gigantic bosses on each level. You’ll be playing as the member of a last bastion of survivors after Earth was invaded by a robotic aliens. You’ll be fighting your way through armada’s randomly generated ships and face them in battle.

The game is developed by Grip Digital and Terrible Posture Games, who also known for the game Tower of Guns.

Key Features

  • Craft the gun of your dreams with one of the most modular gun-crafting systems ever seen in a video game.
  • Dodge massive barrages of bullets with unique FPS/Bullet-hell hybrid gameplay.
  • Battle and survive against hordes of alien machines, deadly traps, and intimidating bosses.
  • Randomly generated rooms and enemies means you will face a new challenge with every round.
  • Fight online alongside your friends or the community in a full co-op experience.

The co-op for consoles will be available later in August. Co-op for PC will be available on launch


After selecting “Play” from the main menu you are directly spawned into the first tutorial mission. You learn the story, the basics of movement and how to craft weapons. You will also face your first boss at the end of the mission, but don’t worry, you cannot die during the tutorial. After completing the mission, the game teleports you to your base (HUB area). Bellow the big blue globe that represents planet Earth, is a terminal where you can interact with and allows you to pick the missions you want to play.

After selecting your mission, you are prompted to select the “loadout” – this means to pick the parts of weapon you want to bring with you to the mission. When you are satisfied with your loadout you can launch the mission.

For the first three missions your base (HUB area) continually unlocks new features. Those are:

  • Armory ​- player can upgrade his character
  • Shooting range​ – player can build weapons freely using collected gunparts and test
    them against dummies
  • Black market​ – hidden away (can be entered from dark corner in Armory) allows
    player to rebuy gunparts lost in missions, or gunparts with stats above players current

By the end of the campaign player gets access to:

  • Endless mode​ – endlessly generated mission that tracks how many rooms you were
    able to beat before dying
  • Sandbox mode​ – endlessly generated mission that allows you to build whatever weapon you like from the start using all the collected gunparts you have
  • MOTHERGUNSHIP dungeon​ – constantly changing fully generated micro-campaign where you need to complete three sub-dungeons in order to unlock main MGS dungeon ended with boss. Dying anywhere in this micro-campaign resets your progress (true rouge-like). Completing the campaign rewards you with legendary gunparts and sets it to new game
  • Nightmare​ side mission – shorter mission offering highest difficulty
  • XP​ side mission – mission player can grind XPs in
  • Coins ​side mission – mission player can grind coins in
  • Gunparts​ side mission– mission with preset loadout player can grind gunparts in


  • You should constantly improve your weapon in shops during the mission to keep the
    pace with raising difficulty
  • Exit doors opens if you shoot into them
  • You don’t need to kill everything in the room in order to progress. Sometimes it’s
    better to skip too difficult room
  • If you lose all gunparts, you can always play gunparts focused side missions (bullet
    icon) to grind them back. Those missions are a bit easier compared to main missions
    and allows you to grind gunparts quickly.
  • Don’t forget to improve your character’s stats in armory as you are gaining XPs
    (purple crystals). You can always re-assign XP points, so you can tweak your stats to
    better suit the following mission


The gun crafting works similar to lego-like modular systems, offering freedom to the player to combine different gun-parts and create their weapon the way they like. There are three different gun-part categories: barrels, splitters and caps. Each part can change the behaviour, the shape and the abilities of the weapon. Even though there is almost limitless freedom, these creations will require some careful balance considerations. For example, if someone has the desire to build a ridiculously big and powerful gun, they can do so, but there might be drawbacks, such as a compromised fire rate or mobility repercussions.. Every component added to a gun has a shot cost associated with it and the player may want to be more thoughtful when crafting their battle companion.

To Craft:

  • First, select a socket (the glowing blue arrows).
  • Then, select a part from the gun parts library on the right side of the screen.
  • A preview of each part will appear on your gun. If the preview is blue then you can place the part. If it is red then you cannot…either because it does not fit (due to collision) or because it is a barrel and not facing forward (all barrels must face forward).
  • You can rotate the preview part to fit it on the gun.
  • Once you have a part how you like it, you can commit the change using the X button (or Double Click with mouse).
  • To remove a part, toggle the “Remove Mode” using the Triangle button (or the Tab key or by clicking the Remove Mode button). Be careful, as if you remove a part, and parts that are further in the chain will also be removed.

The game is now available in PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 and XBOX One.

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