How to Get Free DeadMau5 Crate in PUBG using Debit Prepaid Card or PayMaya

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In celebration of the Prime Day, Amazon has exclusive deals for PUBG players who subscribe to their Prime Video and Twitch Prime. They’re giving away a DeadMau5 Crate, an in-game skins for everyone who subscribe on its first day, plus unknown gifts for succeeding 4 days. Unlike the regular crate which only gives you one item, the DeadMau5 crate is giving you all of the content of the crate – 7 in total. The giveaway will only last for 24 hours only and it will ends on July 17, 2018 – 11:59PM (PST). UPDATE: Redemption has been extended to July 18 9AM PT.

To get the DeadMau5 Crate, you need to subscribe to the Prime Video of Amazon, subscribing to the Prime Video will give you access to the Twitch Prime as well. To claim, you have to login to Twitch Prime PUBG page and claim your free loot.

The subscription needs a Debit Prepaid Card or a PayMaya card to join the 7-day free trial of Prime Video. Some people are using VPN like Avast Secureline VPN to connect to a US countries and a dummy prepaid card to subscribe for free, there’s a tons of these on the Internet, you can search it. Using PayMaya card is the easiest so far. However, it will charge 55 pesos for activation.

How to Get Free DeadMau5 Crate in PUBG using PayMaya

If you’re in the Philippines, you can use your PayMaya card which doesn’t need a VPN for it to work. You can get PayMaya at Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS. The charge for activation is PHP 55.00.

  1. Go to and login your Twitch account.
  2. Click the Try Prime button on the upper left corner of the page.
  3. Select Country and pick Other parts of the world.
  4. Then press Continue.
  5. After that, it will ask you to login your Amazon Account.
  6. Once you’re logged-in, It will asked you to Subscribe to Amazon Prime (You don’t need this). Just press Continue for now to integrate your Twitch account.
  7. It will ask you to confirm your Password again, just fill up and click Sign In.
  8. Now, link your Twitch Account by pressing Continue.
  9. This time, it will ask you to subscribe for the 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime (again, we don’t need this). just press the No Thanks.
  10. You need to go back to again to the website and press the Try Prime button.
  11. Select again your country (Other parts of the world) and press Continue.
  12. From here, you need to add your Prepaid Credit Card or the PayMaya Card.
  13. Once you completed adding your card, press Continue.
  14. After that, the 30-day trial will change to 7-day free trial. Press the Start your free Trial.
  15. Now that you’re subscribe to the Prime video, press the Sign In button.
  16. Then on Claim your free loot, press the See Loot button.
  17. You’ll be redirected now to the Twitch website. Now, go to
  18. Select your Country (Other parts of the world), and click the Start your 7-day Free Trial to Claim Now button.
  19. Now authorize Twitch Prime to your account. Just click the Authorize button.
  20. You can now get the loot by clicking the Claim Your Loot Now.
  21. There will be additional instruction How to Get your loot in PUBG. To get your loot to your PUBG account, just open your PUBG and press the Twitch button on the upper right corner and login your Twitch account.
  22. There should be a splash screen saying you get your DeadMau5 crate. Enjoy!

Make sure to unsubscribe to Amazon Prime Video before the 7 days trial ends, so that it will not deduct additional fee.

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