How Much Does PUBG Cost in the Philippines

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The most popular online multiplayer Battle Royale game the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or well known as PUBG, is one of the blockbuster games of all time with a massive 1.2million concurrent players around the world.

PUBG is a 100 players battle royale, where all players will kill each other in one island and only one or a team will declare as a winner or get the Chicken Dinner.

The game becomes very popular as well in the Philippines and you might probably thinking buying one to play. The desktop version of the game is only available in Steam and the mobile version is on Android and iOS. There’s also a FREE alternative PC version of PUBG which you can play in desktop the Official Tencent PUBG Emulator.

The price of PUBG in the Philippines is way cheaper than other countries. It’s PHP 759.95 or USD 14.27. In United States, it cost $29.99 or around PHP 1,500 almost double the price in the Philippines.

During the last 2018 Summer Steam Sale, PUBG gets their very first discount price at 33%.

PUBG also has their new Event Pass, where players can get rewards as they level up their pass during the game by completing certain task. The cost of the Event Pass Sanhok is PHP 499 or $10. The price is the same in other countries.

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