Elgato Game Capture HD Not Working on mac OS Mojave Beta

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It’s been a couple of weeks since the release of the latest MacOS, Mojave Beta which has a lot of great additional features including screen recording and stacking desktop files. But there is some disadvantage from this new update, some old software will not work. If you haven’t yet or has plan to update your Macbook to the new beta, you may think twice before doing so. If you’ve been using Elgato HD60 or Elgato HD60s to your Macbook, running the software Game Capture HD, the program will not work in Mojave Beta. The game capture window will not show or appear in your screen and if you tried to click the item on the menu, the app will crash and automatically close.

Currently, there’s no update yet from Elgato team supporting the latest Mojave OS. The update will probably take a lot of time before it became supported, it may happen when the latest MacOS  is out from the beta.

So far, there are no alternative solution on fixing this problem. The only way to fix this is downgrading your Mojave beta to the prior macOS. If you already installed Mojave on your Macbook, you can downgrade your macOS via Time Machine Backup, it will recover your save files. If you don’t have a backup, the last sort is via clean reinstall of the MacOS which will remove all your files.


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