Digimon Survive will be Available on Nintendo Switch

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Since the Nintendo DS era, It is the last time we seen a Digimon game franchise in a Nintendo platform. Today, that might be change – Bandai Namco just announce a new series for the Digimon will be available and it will be in Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4. The new franchise is called Digimon Survive, it is expected to launch sometime next year in Japan.

According the Famitsu Magazine, the game will have a mixed of 2D and 3D graphics – that would be similar to the past generation of Digimon game like the 1, 2 and 3. The game will also in a RPG survival game that probably a point and click style field investigation system. It seems this game will be a classic Digimon game that we’ve been waiting for, we just hope it will be an open-world game that has lots to discover.

However, the game conversation will be in 2D images – we have no idea if it will be 2D animated or simply fade in and out. The choices in the game will also dictate the outcome of the story and the evolution.

There will be also an event that will happen in July 29th that will be featuring a new game for Namco. The Digimon Survive might be that game, the said event will also live-streamed on YouTube.

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