The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is now Available on Steam

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One of the best game in E3 2018 is finally out today, June 26, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit! It is a story telling adventure game where you’ll be playing the role of a young kid who dreamt of being a superhero, the game has also the same universe in the Life is Strange, any decision you made on this game will affect the progress of the two game.

The game is first episode is now free and available on Steam and XBOX One. This also serve as a demo for their upcoming Life is Strange 2 which is also ready for pre-purchase today and will be available in September 27, 2018.

Currently, The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit gets a high approval to the gamers, it gets a very positive reviews on steam and most people like the game very much. A steam user Desolate Eden says “This game deserves full support and everyone who loved the previous LiS games will love this one, I have no doubt.”.

Obviously, this game is a must have for everyone – so if you have time to play tonight or this week. You should play it!

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