List of Real Life Characters in Detroit Become Human

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One of the blockbuster movie game of all time is the Detroit Become Human is which is now playable in PS4, the game is very intense and emotional as you’re the one shaping the ending of the game. The games comes with a great actors and actresses that makes the movie more realistic – they play the role of the characters in the game from Motion Capture up to Voice acting. Out of curiosity you’ll probably wondering who was the real life character of Markus, Connor, Kara, Hanks, Chloe and the rest of the cast. You’ll be surprise to know how identical they are in the game and in real life.

This post may contains spoiler for characters which appears on the near end of the game, so we arrange it based on their first appearance for you not to spoil some important information regarding the characters and the story.

Gabrielle Hersh as Chloe

The first android develop by the Cyberlife, she’s also the first android who’ll great you in the game and stays with you in the main menu.

Bryan Dechart as Connor

First mission of Detroit Become Human is the investigation of Connor regarding the homicide and hostage taking of an Deviant Android. Connor is the first prototype android who join the police for investigation.

David Clark as Captain Allen

The first appearance of Captain Allen is when during Connor’s first investigation mission.

Jesse Williams as Markus

Markus is the android of Carl Manfred, not just android but his best buddy. Markus is one of the protagonist of the game in which you’ll be fighting for the rights of the androids.

Lance Henriksen as Carl Manfred

Markus only human friend is Carl Manfred, Carl is a caring old man who’s been with Marcus for long years. He has a son Leo in which you’ll decide in the further mission who’s you going to choose.

Dominic Gould as Todd Williams

The owner of Kara and father of Alice, Todd lost his wife and becomes irresponsible for his family.

Audrey Boustani as Alice

The little girl Alice is the daughter of Todd and Kara’s best friend. Kara treat Alice as her daughter and protected him from his Dad Todd and from danger. There will be more revelation in the further mission, so we don’t spoil it here.

Valorie Curry as Kara

Kara the android of Todd and Alice, a maid who do home task from cleaning and taking care of Alice. She protected Alice from his Dad and did her best to make Alice and her in together.

Clancy Brown as Hank Andreson

Partner of Connor in the Android Deviant Investigation, his first appearance is in the club where he drinks a lot when Connor find him. He looks mad but he is a good guy and become the best buds of Connor.

Barry Johnson as Jeffrey Fowler 

Captain Fowler is in charge of the Detroit City Police Department Central Division and also Hank Anderson’s superior.

Cornelius Smith Jr as Carlos’ Android

Carlos’ Android is an HK400 android which is owned and was abused by Carlos Ortiz.

Simbi Khali as Amanda

Amanda is Connor’s boss, she tasks him with investigating cases involving deviant androids. She is visually modeled and designed by Elijah Kamski on which resembles to his mentor, Amanda.

Ben Lambert as Simon

When Marcus arrive in Jericho, Simon is the first Deviant android he speak to the group. Simon is one of Marcus main crew on the revolution.

Parker Sawyers as Josh

Josh is also a member of Jericho and another main crew of Marcus. Josh idea of revolution is non-violent and a pacifist in the group.

Minka Kelly as North

North a female android in Jericho’s group. She usually wants violent revolution. Marcus can also progress the 3 main crew (Simon, Josh and North) of Jericho.

Matthew Vladimery as Ralph

Kara’s and Alice meet Ralph when they choose to stay in the abandoned house. He is a psycho Android.

Amelia Rose Blaire as Traci

The female girl in the Eden Clubs, who was violated by the human. She has a female android girlfriend who has feeling to each other. In real life she is the fiancee of Bryan Dechart.

Saul Jephcott as Zlatko Andronikov

Probably one of the savage people in the game. He trick lost android of giving them a better life but what his really intention is to experiment and sell the androids.

Yvonne Wandera as Lucy

Lucy is a KL900 android where she will treat Markus injuries that he obtained from getting damaged. She the first leader of Jericho and she can tell if an android is confuse or lost.

Even Parke as Luther

The android of Zlatko, he is one of the Android who help Kara on defeating Zlatko and a helping hand of Kara and Alice.

Kristopher Bosch as Jerry Dana

Jerry android met Kara, Alice and Luther when they seek shelter in Pirates Cove Amusement Park. He is one of the staff at the park and saw Alice that looks sad and invited her to join them in the carousel which Kara switches on as Alice go for a ride on it.

Dana Gourrier as Rose Chapman

She helps Kara, Alice and Luther and other Deviant android from the abusive human. She also the one who will lead Kara to the location of Jericho.

Neil Newbon as Gavin Reed

One of the detroit police who always make fun of Connor. This guy also have active role when you choose other path.

Neil Newbon as Elijah Kamski

The guy who invented Android and has the information to help Connor and Hanks on the investigation of the Deviant.

David Coburn as Richard Perkins

An FBI agent who takeover the investigation against the Deviant. He is Hank’s number one rival.

Jacqueline Berces as ST300 Android (Receptionist)

ST300 Android mostly appear as Receptionist, in the Detroit Police Headquarters, and at the Broadcast World building and more.

David Atrakchi as AP700 Android

Some of the generic Android in Detroit, AP700 androids appears on streets and also in the Cyberlife facilities – where hundreds of identical androids are stock.

Leslie Clack as Newsreader Michael Brinkley

Appears in the news channel, when watching the TV’s or some cut-scenes.

Christina Batman as President Warren

Appear on the TV news as the President of the United States, she appears when Marcus and other Deviants rally in the street. The president declares State of Emergency in the City of Detroit.

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