Junk Pile Direction Guide in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

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One of the Awesome Things I have done objectives of Chris is to discover the secret treasure in the first episode of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. After Chris completed collecting the other piece of the map and match it to the master map from his room. Chris can now go and get the treasure from the Junk Pile, located outside left corner of the house.

When Chris enter the Junk Pile, you’ll be asked what direction you’re going to either from Left or Right, choosing the wrong direction will lead you to infinite path and the only way to stop is to leave or get the correct Left and Right combination. The clue for the combination on completing the path for going to the treasure is in the Map, you need to read the map in order by number, and see the arrow pointing.

How to Complete Junk Pile Path Direction for the Secret Treasure

The correct combination on completing the Path is LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, and LEFT. You can find the answer on the map, notice the number and the arrow where it points. Like for the number 1, it is pointing to the LEFT, and number two is pointing to the RIGHT.

When Chris reach the treasure, he founds the container box containing the memories from his mom, their pictures and letters.

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