How to Unlock Garage Combination Lock Code in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

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In The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, when Chris get the Garage key from the house and go in to his dad’s Garage, there is a Locker where it is padlock with combination lock code. The combination you need to figure out is a 4 digit code, the clue is something to do with Chris dad’s favorite basketball.

This is one of the progress Chris need to do in order to blow up the snowman.

What is the Combination Lock Code for Locker Padlock?

The combination lock code is 2005. This is the year where Chris dad became champion in the School Basketball, the clue can be found on his Dad’s cabinet where it has a picture frame of his dad’s championship winner.

When Chris open the Garage Locker, he discover the letter of his Grandparents, a Binder containing information regarding her mom Emily Eriksen – its cause of death, and a Firecrackers in which Chris can use to blow up the Snow man.

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