How to Fix PS4 Pro & Elgato HD60s No Signal and Black Screen

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If you recently bought a PS4 Pro console and you wanna use it with the Elgato HD60s for recording, you probably encounter a problem with the device. It cause your screen monitor to get a black shuttering problem and keep getting a No Signal output error. However, the screen preview in Elgato program works but gives you an inconsistent 56fps to 59fps.

The main problem of this issue is that newly bought PS4 Pro system has a default settings of enabled HDCP, it is a High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection that blocks any screen recording device from accessing the PS4 content or display. That’s why it gives no signal when using the device with the PS4 Pro.

How to Fix PS4 Pro & Elgato HD60s No Signal and Black Screen

To fix the issue, just go to your PS4 Settings and go down then find, Enabled HDCP and uncheck it.

If you turn off this settings, some of your applications cannot be used like Movies, Music and other protected contents. But don’t worry almost all of the games will work without that HDCP enabled.

After that, you can now use your Elgato HD60s with your PS4 Pro without any hitch.

If you still have problem with your PS4 Pro and Elgato HD60s. Please don’t hesitate to comment it down below, will try to be responsive and help you.

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  • Aaron Whitlock October 12, 2018 5:55 am


    i’ve done this and i still get no signal and it makes my screen blackout.

  • Kyle December 29, 2019 4:43 am

    Resetting the PS4 after disabling the setting didn’t work. It’s detecting that a PS4 is plugged in, I think, but still no signal.

    • Alex Hudson April 25, 2020 4:13 am

      Same problem here. upset theres no fix. :/

  • SINOGREED February 3, 2021 12:49 am

    i have to disagree with you i still have the same flickering black screen!!!! you also have to click on enable HDMI DEVICE LINK. i have NO MORE FLICKERING BLACK SCREEN.


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