How to Access Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness DLC

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If you’ve purchase the season pass for the Far Cry 5, you probably waiting for the Hours of Darkness DLC and you’re clueless where to access the game. Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness is the first DLC of the game and takes place during the Vietnam War, you will be playing as a US soldiers that is stranded behind enemy lines in Vietnam after your chopper crash in the area.

The release date for the Hours of Darkness DLC is in June 5. As of writing the DLC is already available in other platform except for Steam – it will be available 6PM European time. Once it is available, you’ll probably get an update notification from your uplay or steam platform.

How to Access Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness DLC

When the DLC is available, you can access the DLC in the main menu of the game and there should be an Add-on Packs option from it.

If you have the uPlay version of Far Cry 5, you can download the DLC from the Games Library, then at the Overview, download the DLC.

DLC Not Showing on Steam Platform

Steam users are now outrage because most user cannot access the DLC even though they already downloaded the latest patch, season pass owner still cannot access the game. The Add on button in the main menu is not appearing and there’s no way of accessing the DLC.

Looking at the installation folder, the DLC is already installed in your system – it just the Steam and uPlay does’nt work properly this time.

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