Detroit Become Human Survey Results – All 10 Questions

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When you completed several mission in Detroit Become Human, the next time you open the game the girl in the main menu will asked you if you want to participate in a CyberLife survey.

The survey is a 10 questions related to Android and a little information about how you deal with the advance technology in the near future.

So here are the 10 Questions of Detroit Become Human

1. Would you consider having a relationship with an android that looks like a human?

  • Yes (65%)
  • No (17%)
  • Don’t Know (18%)

2. Do you think that technology could become a threat to mankind?

  • Yes (72%)
  • No (18%)
  • Don’t Know (10%)

3. If you had to live on a deserted island and could only bring one object, what would it be?

  • A Book (15%)
  • A Cellphone (22%)
  • Pen and Paper (21%)
  • A Console (12%)
  • An instrument (30%)

4. Do you consider yourself dependent on technology?

  • Yes (78%)
  • No (15%)
  • Don’t Know (7%)

5. What technology do you most anticipate?

  • Androids (36%)
  • Flying Cars (12%)
  • Space Tourism (19%)
  • Brain Connected Devices (33%)

6. Do you believe in God?

  • Yes (37%)
  • No (45%)
  • Don’t Know (18%)

7. Would you let an android take care of your children?

  • Yes (50%)
  • No (24%)
  • Don’t Know (26%)

8. How much time per day would you say you spend on an electronic device?

  • 1 Hour (1%)
  • 2 Hours (8%)
  • 4 Hours (21%)
  • More (65%)
  • Don’t Know (5%)

9. If you needed emergency surgery, would you agree to be operated on by a machine?

  • Yes (73%)
  • No (11%)
  • Don’t Know (16%)

10. Do you think one day machines could develop consciousness?

  • Yes (71%)
  • No (13%)
  • Don’t Know (16%)

The survey questions and result is interesting, especially the last one if you believe that we can develop an AI with consciousness, with the advancement we did in the past years, it is really possible for human that could develop this kind of technology, it is just a matter of time and specially if human can discover the quantum physics.

And there’s a single question that isn’t complete the one with carrying a single object in a deserted island, because other answer like cellphone and consoles requires electric power and stuff – so most people probably answers object that doesn’t require electricity.

It is also intriguing that 45% of players don’t believe in God.

The result above has been retrieve on June 21, 2018.

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