8 Propaganda Speakers Map Location in Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness

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Finding and destroying the Propaganda Speaker in Far Cry 5 is one of the Challenges that you have to complete in the Hours of Darkness DLC. These Propaganda speakers is hidden throughout the jungles usually place inside the house, towers or inside the camps. You need to destroy them to help the war effort and avoid demoralizing any nearby troops.

The new DLC Hours of Darkness take place in Vietnam where you’ll be playing as a role of a US soldiers, your team choppers was take down by a Vietnamese fighter and you crash in the vast forest land, you will be fighting against the Vietnamese and your mission is to rescue your team and eliminate enemies resources and one of the challenges is the destroying of the 8 Propaganda Speakers scattered in the area.

If you completed objectives and read notes you will probably get an Intel regarding the exact location of these Speakers, but if you’re stuck and miss one of these speakers. Here are all the complete list location of the Propaganda Speakers.

8 Propaganda Speakers Map Location Guide

Near River Warehouse
The first propaganda speaker is one of the given location that you can destroy. It is located in the Left Top of the map near River Warehouse and West Valley Camp. The Speaker is just inside the hut, place on the table.

Near River Forks Bunker
The second propaganda speaker can be found near the River Forks Bunker, if you find a Rice field – it is just inside on the house near the camping enemies. The speaker is place on the table inside the hut.

Front of Farming Village
infront of the farming village, near the lake you’ll find a small village. The speaker is inside one of the hut and still place on the table.

Inside Ghost Village Camp
This one, you have to secure the camp and the speaker is on the top of the house. Use the leader in order to reach the speaker, it is place in the roof flooring.

Inside Fishing Village
The next speaker is just located in one of the tower of the fishing village. The speaker can be found inside the tower and it is place on the table.

Left side of East Sector Bunker
Along the river of Sentry Bridge and East Sector Bunker, you can hear the sound of the speaker. The speaker is inside the hut near the river, it is place near the red flag.

Left side of Crocodile Beach
Next Propaganda speaker can be found on a small village before reaching the Crocodile Beach. It’s inside the hut with enemy soldier.

Rice Field in Mountain Plateau Village
The last speaker can be found in the center of the rice field in Mountain Plateau Village. In the map it’s near the Extraction point.

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