8 Lighters Map Location in Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness

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Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness, a new DLC for Far Cry 5 and you will be adventuring the lands of Vietnam after your helicopter crash on the vast jungle and you’re on your own to save your crews and escape behind the enemy lines.

The new DLC comes with 9 challenges and that’s includes the Lighters Challenges where you have to collect 8 Lighters from a died pilots who were reported KIA and you need to bring back their lighters for souvenir to their families.

If you’ve recently unlocked intel and read’s some notes this will give you a clue where is the lighter is and it will show directly to your map. To save your time from doing it, we listed the complete 8 location of Lighters that you can collect in the game.

8 Lighters Map Location in Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness

Near River Forks Bunker (FAC Forward Air Controller’s Lighter)
You can find this lighter on the Bottom Left side of the map, you’ll see a river and there will be a nearby pilot crashed. When you see the parachute, the pilot is just shore of the river laying down.

Front of Ghost Village Camp (USAF Fighter Pilot’s Lighter)
Just near the first lighter location (River Forks Bunker), the next lighter is just a couple of meters away. You’ll be seeing an area covered with orange like fogs, the parachute of the pilot is inside that fogs, the dead body of the pilot is laying in the rock.

Near Prison Camp (USMC Fighter Pilot’s Lighter)
The next lighter is on the center of the map at the Prison Camp, you can the parachute and the dead body of the pilot outside the camp inside the open forest. The pilot is laying down besides two rocks.

Fighter Jet Wreck near Prison Camp (US Navy Recon Pilot’s Lighter)
The next location guide is on the top of the rocky mountain near above the prison camp. You can easily spot this because the area is burning. There will be enemy beside the dead bodies, so watch out for it.

Near Firebase Bravo (AIR America Pilot’s Lighter)
The next lighter is near the Firebase Bravo, on the map its just hundreds meters away from the extraction point. The dead bodies is on the right side of the parachute near the two rocks.

Top of Temple Gun (US Navy Fighter Pilot’s Lighter)
You can find the next lighter on the center of the map, just on to the top of Temple Gun artillery. The parachute and the dead bodies are just in the area covered by grass and stone.

Near Temple Gun and Burnt Village (USMC “Dumptruck” Pilot’s Lighter)
Our next lighter can be found on just the right side of the artillery right-side of Temple Gun and above the Burnt Village. The parachute is just near the area, the pilot is laying down next to a cut tree and a rock.

Left side of Mountain Plateau Village (USAF Bird Dog Pilot’s Lighter)
Our last lighter can be found near the extraction point, just left side of Mountain Plateau Village. It is hidden in the forest, so just look near the are and you’ll find the dead pilot.

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