Solving ROG Decode The Secret (IR.AIHOFG : AIA.HOAHOR)

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ASUS ROG’s latest giveaway involves decoding an encrypted message. The secret message can be used to earn additional points for the giveaway, a total of 30 points will be added when you got the answer correctly. We’re not sure if ROG rewards those people who got the answer first, either they get the 1st prize or something. But what we are sure you’ll get points upon solving the problem.

The mechanics also mention of a scoreboard, it could be the person who gets the highest score will get the prize and for those who got a tie score will be raffled their entries.

Three winners will get different rewards. First prize is $100 worth of Steam credit, Second Prize is a game code and Third prize is ROG keychain.

To Join the giveaway

Check their official at

The Secret Code

The encrypted message that you have to solve is the [IR.AIHOFG : AIA.HOAHOR]

Currently, there are three clues posted on their ROG’s Social Media Page. At first, most of the clues looks broad and has little to no information on decoding the message, so you really have to figure out to get it. We manage to decode the message, but we’re not gonna spoil it. This is for you to try and solve the problem by yourself.

To catch up with all of the clues, you can check them here:

Clue 01: Videos are very informative

Clue 02: 2nd step is always easier

Clue 03: Sometimes it staring back at you

The three clues already has the information pointing to the answer. Here’s additional clue for you, focus on clue 1 and 3, those information really helps on solving the encrypted message.

The clue 2 is somehow related for the second answer in

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