Rules of Survival Landed on Steam for $2.99

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Gamers! Today, Rules of Survival PC Version is now available on Steam. This time, it’s not free for everyone as you have to purchase the game for $2.99 or PHP 99.95. Though, the paid version grants you an additional bonus like Butler Set and a single Monthly Pass which gives you daily diamond bonus during the first month. It’s also the first time, Netease releases a game on Steam after its controversy with PUBG Corp lawsuit.

The steam version has the same experience with the free PC version, same combat, same environment, and same actions. However, the steam version will have it’s separate server, making steam players playing separately from players on the free version. It also means, you cannot use your existing account from the free version to the Steam version. Currently, there are only one Steam server listed in the server selection.

So far, the game is not listed on the VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) enabled games, that means you’ll not be banned from other Steam games when you get hammered by Netease.

Rules of Survival, is an action-packed Battle Royale game with up to 300 unarmed players parachute into the battlegrounds, where players have to fight to be the last man standing. You could do solo or form a small of 5 players to join a game. A shrinking circle safe zone is in place for players to meet and fight.

It’s not clear, if the steam version will cater 300 players each round as the description says 300 unarmed players parachute into the vast battlegrounds, contradicting to the description in the bottom that says up to 120 survivor’s battle for the last man standing.

The game requires a disk space of 1,878 MB and a download of 1.8 GB. You can purchase the game on Steam for $2.99 or PHP 99 at

On its first day, the game has a peak of 2,776 concurrent user based from SteamChart. Will the Rules of Survival beat the concurrent user of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? Let us know in the comment section!

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  • kichaem June 1, 2018 8:30 am

    Do you know where is the location of the server is?

  • ZANIX June 5, 2018 11:29 pm

    Is there a chance that the account on the free version be transmitted to the steam version?


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