No Premium or Expansion Pass on Battlefield V

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Since Battlefield 3, Electronics Arts has been playing around with expansion pass and premium pass strategy for their add-on contents. Like for example in the Battlefield 1, you need to have a Premium Pass and expansion pass in order to play new maps for the game and premium owners has privileges on queuing first in any match. Just recently, EA sparks an outrage after putting a micro-transaction on Star Wars: Battlefront II that makes their game a pay to win. Later, they remove the controversial micro-transactions and they only apply it to cosmetics add-on.

During the live launch of Battlefield V, the developers at DICE revealed that the latest game will no longer have a Premium Pass, meaning no need of paying extra for additional content or upcoming DLC’s. Everything will be included in the game so players will have the same experience, play together on the same field and access the content at the same time.

The first free content will include the first expansion, Fall of Europe, which will launch in November. There are no details yet with the expansions, but this expansion could include new story, as well as new multiplayer modes.

This new moves of EA means a great news for the Battlefield community, as players don’t have to pay extra anymore to get the full experience of the game. Although we could expect that there could be still a micro-transaction in the game, but this could be for cosmetics only which don’t affect or boost players gameplay, as we have see in Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Battlefield V is due to release on October 19 for Origin on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


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