HumbleBundle – DigitalOcean $50 Credit works on Existing Account

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HumbleBundle’s newest bundle is the Software Bundle: Python Dev Kit, which includes a $50 DigitalOcean credit where you can use it to purchase your web server or web apps. We receive lot of questions, if these promotional codes can work on exiting account. Based from the product description, it says this credit is applicabble only for new DigitalOcean account.

Our server use DigitalOcean and we’ve been there for almost a year now, created several droplets and paid a lot of times. So, we’ve tried purchasing the Bundle to check on our self if it will work. Surprisingly, confirm! it works! yes it works. We’ve able to get $50 worth of credit.

How to Know if Your Account is Eligible to Get $50 Digital Ocean Credit?

To know if your account is eligible to get the $50 credits, even if you’re using existing account or old account. Just go to your Settings page, then browse to Billing. If you scroll down and see a Promo Code entry box. That means you’re eligible to get the $50 credit.

The bundle will end tomorrow, you can get the bundle at

The expiration of credits is in 12 months, which is a good buffer for you to consume all of the credits. If you’re using a $5 or $10 droplet, the credit will cover almost 1 year of usage.

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